10 simple wedding table decoration ideas

So the wedding planning is full steam ahead for me! We recently visited our wedding venue again to speak to our wedding planner to talk…


So the wedding planning is full steam ahead for me! We recently visited our wedding venue again to speak to our wedding planner to talk through some of the details. Thankfully, we have a package wedding so most things are sorted out already but we do need to decide on our wedding table decor so I’ve been looking around for some wedding table decoration ideas.

There are some lovely things on Etsy you can get!

wedding table decoration ideas

1. Wedding seating chart

This was one of the things that totally slipped my mind – a wedding seating chart. It’s probably also something that will stress me out the most as if someone drops out last minute, then the seating chat will change! So it will be one of the last things we finalise!

I found this wedding seating chart on Etsy that you can edit and then have printed yourself. This is such a great idea so you can get it printed closer to your wedding. Plus as you can edit it yourself, if something does go wrong then you can get it reprinted.

2. Wine cork place card holders

I love these wine cork place card holders! They are simple but they would look fantastic. They would look lovely and classy on your wedding tables and would be a lovely thing for your guests to take away.

3. Succulent Wedding Favours

If you’re wanting your guests to take something home to remember your special day, then consider these gift-wrapped succulents for your wedding tables. They’re a cute addition and something a bit different to take home.

4. Calligraphy Dried Flower

Another option for a place card – these beautiful dried flowers would look lovely on any rustic or vintage themed wedding table.

5. Engraved Wooden Pencils

These would be a great addition. To either your wedding table decor or if you have a guest book somewhere. Everyone loves a little pencil and they would also be a great hit with the kids! Order yours here.

6. Mini Rose Wedding Favours

How cute are these mini roses? They come with a little message on them so you can give them to your guests to remember your special day by! They’re a bit cheaper than the succulents!

7. Wooden Table Name Cards

I love these wooden table name cards! I feel like they might be what we end up getting for our table. They are a great place card but also make a cool item to take away and have in your home.

8. Ice Breaker Games

These little boxes of games are such a lovely way to add something a bit quirky and different to your wedding table. They are a fun way to get people talking and keep people entertained and laughing between sittings and speeches.

9. Botanical Paper Napkins

I’m not sure if we will get paper napkins or just use the cloth ones at the venue, but how lovely are these botanical paper napkins? Although we might not use them on our guest’s wedding tables, they would be great to use when serving up the wedding cake!

10. Chocolate hearts

Little chocolate hearts on the wedding tables are a cute way to keep your wedding guests happy – everyone loves chocolate! Also, these foil-wrapped hearts come in many colours meaning you can add a pop of colour to your wedding table decorations!

What wedding table decoration ideas do you have for your perfect weekend?


  1. I love the calligraphy dried flower decorations and the napkins. Them together would make lovely table decorations at a wedding. How exciting that your wedding planning is in full swing!

  2. Love all of these ideas so will keep them in mind for down the road. Absolutely in love with having a succulent as a wedding favour and the calligraphy dried flower, such unique decorations for a wedding x

  3. What a lovely list of cute, quaint, affordable, and eye catching decorations! I love the beautiful seating chart and the cork holders are clever and classy. Mini roses, dried flowers, and succulents all remind me of one of the most lovely weddings I catered at. Simplistic and charming are the words immediately on my tongue.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Great post! I love the sound of engraved pencils and ice breaker games are such an amazing idea, particularly when not all the guests know each other. Thanks for sharing x

  5. So exciting! We struggled with planning our table decorations for the wedding, luckily our venue had a recommended supplier and we went there and they had a big showroom so we could wander round a few options. We got these really pretty displays included free as a perk of having the venue recommend the decorator, which I was so excited about, but I don’t think I ever got a pic! haha! You could kinda see them in the background of some shots! Simple is definitely best as it’s not the thing you’ll remember at the end of it all!

    Hope you are having a nice weekend πŸ™‚ We will be at home enjoying this rare summer-like warmth in the middle of winter πŸ™‚

  6. I like all the ideas. It’s quite amazing what you can find on etsy, I often have a look there too. Wedding planning is so exciting!! xx

  7. I absolutely loved doing the table decor for our wedding! We went with quite a rustic, but cosy feel & I still absolutely adore what was created. I made our seating chart from an old wooden pallet and dried flowers, it was lovely. I really like the idea of table games! I hadn’t thought of anything like that, but it’s such a good idea!


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