Retaining Your Best Employees For Success

Your job offer corresponds to your needs, you have found the rare pearl, but how do you keep it? There is no miracle recipe for…


Your job offer corresponds to your needs, you have found the rare pearl, but how do you keep it? There is no miracle recipe for retaining employees since many factors influence a person’s decision to change jobs, salary being one factor among many. It all depends on who you are talking to. Millennials don’t necessarily look for the same criteria in an employer as someone with many years of experience. You may have already found someone that you like that is coming from abroad. In this case, you may need to consider an application for sponsor licence or a spouse visa uk. So once you have your dream employee, how do you retain them? 


Once hired, care must be taken to integrate the employee well into the workplace and into the team. Take the time to prepare a welcome schedule for them, to make sure that their workstation is welcoming and ready to receive them (computer, telephone, stationery, etc.). Once there, introduce them to colleagues, show them around. Also take the time to explain how they will take up their post and their first week of work, what their role, functions and responsibilities are, to clearly define what is expected of them in the job. You should also inform them of policies and company procedures. Take advantage of programs such as home care scheduling software so your employee can easily know their schedule, and shifts and manage their time. It helps with clocking in and out, communication and even manages expenses in a simple way. These things are important for colleagues.

Several people should be called upon to inform and guide a new employee (human resources, immediate supervisor, colleagues), this should not rest only on the shoulders of the manager. Does the new employee have someone to contact to answer questions? Some companies set up sponsorship while an established employee takes care of the new employee. It is also important to give regular feedback to the new employee to reassure or refocus them. Give them everything that they need, including contact numbers and emails to settle in. This way, they will be able to settle in much easier and without as much hassle. 


Lack of recognition is one of the often cited factors that make employees unhappy on the job. There are different forms of recognition at work and the subject is complex. Without going into detail, certain gestures can help. Highlight good team achievements, organize an employee recognition day, offer sincere thanks and congratulations, and provide regular feedback. The role of the manager is crucial here. Use your human resources and be creative!  Listen to the demands and needs of your employees. You don’t have to offer everything, as needs vary. Also be creative: offer a work-study program, a mentoring program, pay certain tuition fees, etc. Above all, give them the support they need so that they can do their job properly. Resources and time in particular. Nothing is more discouraging than wanting to accomplish something without having the information or the means to do it.  You should incentify staff and ensure that they are constantly able to get the help that they need. The first three months are the settling in months, but soon enough they will be part of the team and should be valued as such. 

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