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Jaques of London // Let’s Learn Discovery Blocks

AD| I love Jaques of London toys. I’ve already got loads of them on my Amazon Wishlist! I just love wooden toys. They look much…


AD| I love Jaques of London toys. I’ve already got loads of them on my Amazon Wishlist! I just love wooden toys. They look much better than the plastic ones, don’t you think?

When I was given the chance to do a Jaques of London review, I said yes as it’s a brand I’m already interested in! I love watching Leo explore new toys so was of course excited to get him something new.

Baby with jaques of london toy

I spent a while look at all the different wooden toys that Jaques of London has to offer. It was hard to pick one!

Why I prefer wooden toys over plastic toys.

Wooden toys last longer

Wooden toys are more durable and last longer so can save you money as you won’t need to replace broken toys. They’ll also stay in a better condition to sell on or give to a charity shop or friend.

Wooden toys aid imaginative play

As wooden toys don’t have electronics or voice commands, they encourage imaginative play which is crucial for a child’s cognitive development early on in life. Wooden toys allow your child to solve problems and develop their fine motor skills as they play, rather than just pressing buttons and watching an electronic toy

Wooden toys are good for the environment

Wooden toys are better for the environment than plastic toys as wood is biodegradable and can be recycled.

Wooden toys are safer

Wooden toys are also generally safer than plastic. Children put everything in their mouth and plastic toys are more likely to break and have sharp edges.

Wooden toys are aesthetically pleasing

They just look better! My living room is overrun with Leos things now and although I try not to be too fussy about how it looks (I’m happy to have some ghastly bright toys for Leo to enjoy!), you have to admit that wooden toys just look nicer in your home than plastic ones.

baby with Jaques of London discovery blocks

My Jaques of London toys wishlist

Here are some of the toys that I was tempted to pick.

There are lots of toys that are a bit too young for him at the moment but I will be getting when he’s older! I love the shape sorters and would have gone for one of them, but we already have a similar one for his birthday. I also love the puzzles where you move the beads along the wires.

There are so many toys love from Jaques of London and will probably get some more in the future.

Our Jaques of London Toy Review

I ended up picking the Let’s Learn Discovery Blocks from Jaques of London.

This toy is one of their best sellers for 3-year-olds. It comes in a solid wooden crate with 12 sensory blocks for your child to explore and play with, there’s a block with a mirror, they’re brightly coloured and some of the blocks have beads inside that make a sound when you shake thme. This toy helps them develop a sense of sight, sound, and touch. This set is manufactured using 100% FSC approved wood. The bright colours are created using water-based paint for hours of safe play. The accompanying wooden crate makes these sensory toys highly portable and easy to store.

I picked this toy as I know Leo will love it! He is a bit too young to experience it properly at the moment, but he still enjoyed picking up, shaking and banging the blocks together. As soon as he saw the bright colours he reached over and was trying to figure out how to get them out of the wooden crate.

I know this will bring him years of fun and enjoyment! I want to eventually get more block – Jaques of London sell block sets like this one – and I’m sure the sets will work well together to provide hours of imaginative fun of building towers and structures, then knocking them down.

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  1. I’ve always heard of this brand before, but never actually bought anything from them. I’m. A big wooden toy fan, although my daughter has other opinions. Now she’s getting a bit older and wants to pick out her own toys, were accumulating more plastic tat


  2. I’ve heard of this brand and if/when I have kids, I’d definitely opt for wooden toys as well because of all the reasons you’ve mentioned. They definitely look much better too! Super cute photos! x

  3. Oh my god the curly hair! How cute! I’m totally with you. I actually like wooden toys for adult gifts too, I bought my brother a wooden dominoes set the other christmas as we used to play it with our nan. They’re just a bit more special!

  4. This looks perfect for little ones. I love toys like this for babies Leo’s age. I bought something similar for my nephew and you could see him really trying to work it all out


  5. I have never heard of this brand but will surely check them out when having a baby. It looks like the best choice instead of plastic toys and agree that they can be more stimulating without having voices or commands. He looks like he enjoys them x

  6. I love wooden toys and completely agree with all your reasoning behind that!! I love the look of these blocks and know my nephew will too as he gets older xx

  7. Wooden toys truly are awesome and that they last so long makes them perfect for younger siblings to potentially enjoy, as well be passed along to friends who are having their first baby after yours has outgrown them. Love the sensory blocks you picked; I remember I had one of those wired bead toys as well as a caterpillar on wheels. 🙂

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