How To Stay Ahead Of Your Business Rivals

Unless your business type is completely unique, you will have business rivals to deal with. For you, this can be a problem, as they could…


Unless your business type is completely unique, you will have business rivals to deal with. For you, this can be a problem, as they could snatch away your potential customers and steal the customers you already have on your side. It’s little wonder that many businesses struggle, especially those that are competing in a saturated marketplace.

But here’s the thing: You don’t need to let your rivals beat you. While you don’t necessarily want to stomp all over other businesses either, you can do much to stay ahead of them.

Here’s how. 

#1: Find out what your rivals are up to

When you know what your rivals are up to, you can take steps to beat what they are doing. To this end, conduct a  ‘competitor analysis.’ When you commit to this, you can get a handle on the types of products your rivals are selling and the marketing tactics they are using to promote them. Hubspot goes into detail on this so click on the linked article and follow the strategies they suggest. 

#2: Make a concerted effort with your marketing

To say that you need to market your business is a no-brainer. It’s something you will already understand. But you need to do more than post the occasional Facebook message. It’s something you need to focus on every day, spending some time within your schedule promoting your business. Admittedly, this can be difficult if you work alone, but you could always hire an online marketing team to manage this side of your business for you. When you do more with your marketing, more people will have the opportunity to hear about your product, so research all the different tactics you could be using. Your rivals are doing this already so don’t fall behind them.

#3: Be better in every conceivable way

Create a better product, produce a better website, offer better promotions, and in all other aspects of your business, be better! It’s a tough task we know but you need to give people a reason to use your business. If you are inferior to your competitors, in any way, you might lose customers. So, after committing to a competitor analysis, you will know the areas you need to work on. Do what you can yourself and outsource any area that you are weakest in. You could hire a professional web designer to work on your website, for example. 

#4: Keep your customers happy

Happy customers are loyal customers! It’s a simple fact. And when your customers are happy with your business, they are more likely to spread positive words about you to others. So, focus on what you need to do to keep them on your side. We go into a little more detail on some of the things you can do within our article on building customer trust so have a read. There are all kinds of other things you can do, from sending them freebies to giving them exclusive customer discounts, so research strategies online. If you focus on this area, your rivals will have a harder time trying to steal your precious customers away from you. 


After building up your business the last thing you want is your rivals thwarting your efforts at every turn. So, follow our suggestions and keep returning to them, as you will need to constantly stay one step ahead once your rivals realise you’re a threat to them. 

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