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7 ways to reduce the cost of your energy bills

AD| There are two things that are becoming quite important to me, even more so since I’ve had Leo and that’s: taking care of our…


AD| There are two things that are becoming quite important to me, even more so since I’ve had Leo and that’s:

  • taking care of our world for future generations
  • taking care of the pennies to give my son a great start in life

So reducing the cost of my energy bills is something that kills two birds with one stone – as reducing how much energy I use will help the environment while also reducing the cost of my energy bills! Sounds good to me.

There is more I could be doing in my home to reduce energy consumption. I am a creature of habit so I often do things without thinking, so I really need to focus to make sure I’m trying my best to reduce energy use. It’s so easy when you’re relaxed in your own home to go about your daily business without even considering how long you’re in the shower for. So it’s time to make more of an effort to live a little greener!

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Switch to LED bulbs

LED lights are more energy-efficient than regular bulbs or halogen bulbs. Did you know that LED bulbs are as bright as halogen ones while using 85% less energy? So it’s time to make the switch to LED panels and bulbs today!

Other benefits of LED lighting include longer life, they’re bright, you can get a range of colours, they expel low heat and are reliable!

Change energy provider

Switching your energy provider can be a great way to save money, you can also earn extra money through TopCashback by doing this! Sign up to TopCashback and search ‘energy’. There are many offers such as £50 for doing a comparison quote and switching, up to £190 cashback with SSE energy and more. So it’s worth a shot if you are close to the renewal date!

Wash your clothes at a lower temperature

We use a quick wash at 30 degrees most of the time. It’s a 28-minute wash which is fine for most clothes! Some of Leos clothes need a bit more if he’s been sicky, but our clothes don’t need a two hour wash on 40 degrees at all!

Turn down the thermostat

As we would say in Yorkshire ‘just put a jumper on’ and ‘shut the door, were you born in a barn!’. Think twice before putting your heating on and see if you really need to. Make sure all your windows are shut and you’ve layered up!

Also, have your heating on a timer. If you get up for work early just set it to come on before your alarm so you don’t have it on all night.

Be smart about water

There are a few things you can do to save on water, have a look at these ideas:

  • take showers instead of baths
  • use a washing up bowl for washing up instead of a running tap
  • take shorter showers
  • buy a more efficient showerhead

Use energy-efficient appliances

When you need to replace your appliances, ensure you pick energy efficient ones. Did you know that most appliances now have the energy rating on the product? It makes it so easy to tell what products will use less energy and save money!

Turn things off at the plug

Rather than leaving things on standby, switch things off by the plug while they’re not in use. If you’ve got plug sockets in awkward places, consider investing in plugs that you can switch on and off with Google Home or Alexa.

These are just a few ideas, I’m sure there’s loads more ways to say energy and money at home! I’d love to hear about the ways your save energy and money in your home!

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  1. Love all of these ideas!When I think about saving energy, LED light bulbs and energy saving appliances are the first to come to mind! I completely agree on the heaters, we are currently sharing with other people and waste so much on it because they are constantly cold. I never thought about getting plugs that c an be switched with Google Home, surely something to think about, great post x

  2. I think pretty much all our lights are LED bulbs & I try to have under 10 min showers. I’ve been washing my clothes at 30 degrees now and I can’t tell the difference so it’s definitely worth the switch! One thing I need to get better at is the heating – I get extremely cold, even in summer. But I’m really trying to put on more layers first x

  3. These are some really great suggestions to reduce your energy bills. It is great to make changes to help the environment and your bank balance. Thank you for sharing.


  4. I definitely need this, as I have recently moved out and bills are all new to me haha, thank you for sharing these tips I’ll be sure to implement them x

  5. These are fab tips. There really are so many things we can do around the home to save money and help the environment at the same time. I like baths but don’t have them regularly and my showers tend to be quite short too. I need to be more conscious of not running water all the time.

  6. Corinne always coming in with the most helpful tips! Thanks for sharing these, we have got all LED bulbs now but always looking for more ways to reduce the bills. I always turn plugs off though, not for money reasons but I’m terrified of them heating up and going on fire, I say an infomercial in school from fire fighters and since then all plugs must be off when not in use lol

  7. Love your tips for reducing the cost of electric bills! It is so easy to let things like the thermostat just run, and as easy to start doing little things, like switching to LED bulbs and being more conscious about clothes washing and water consumption.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I agree that LED lights are so much better. Showers are great too, as it takes less time, less water and energy, and with all kind of special gels and scrubs, it feels like a treat too.

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