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4 modern interior design trends I’m here for

AD| Interior design isn’t something I have a natural eye for, I sometimes feel a bit lost when I’m looking at ways to upgrade and…


AD| Interior design isn’t something I have a natural eye for, I sometimes feel a bit lost when I’m looking at ways to upgrade and decorate my house. I often have a vision in my head but get frustrated when I can’t find the things I need to make that vision come to life. Then I end up feeling deflated and struggle to work with things that I can find! Regardless of this, I’m always looking for new ways to improve my home. I’ve recently been looking into some modern interior design trends to help me decide what I want to do in my home next.

When I say recently, I mean during that England and Denmark game because my partner is watching it, Leo is asleep next to me so I’m just faffing about on my laptop looking at some new ways to spend all my partner’s money. Living my best life!

Modern interior design is an aesthetic I really like. It’s fluid and always changing and contains many different styles but there are some key features that stand out for me. So here are some features from modern interior design that I love.


I love the concept of minimalism. The idea that every single item in a room should have a function. I’m the type of person that needs regular cleanouts as I regularly seem to gather stuff I don’t really need. I struggle with everything having space and keeping things tidy. I’m not naturally a tidy person. I’m the type of person that will start doing one task and then move on to something out without tidying what I’ve already got out. Minimalism seems like a dream to me as I feel like it would help me to stay tidy.

I often feel encumbered by THINGS but unable to get rid of them.

I enjoy the clean, minimalistic look. It really gives the impression of being light and free. Although it can often be overdone to the point where a house doesn’t seem like a home as it can seem a bit clinical, so I do think it’s important to make sure there’s some personal things or quickly decor on show to make sure it’s still cosy and homely.


I guess this is hand and hand with minimalism – everything needs to have its place so good storage is a must. I like the idea of having storage in places you don’t expect, like those draws you can get in your stairs. I also like storage to be hidden away. I really hate bookshelves or DVD storage that you can see, I just feel like it looks like a child’s bedroom. I’d much rather have them stored in a cabinet with a door to keep things looking simple, rather than busy. We do need to find something to put my partners’ book in, he wants shelves but I’m trying to convince him to get something that closes so we can’t see all the things on the shelves.

Storage is something I need to up my game on when it comes to clothes. I’ve always got things like chunky jumpers, dressing gowns and pyjamas on the floor as there’s just no space for them. I really need to have a cleanout and fold everything neatly so it’s organised again.

Industrial interior

I love the industrial trend. That’s probably how I would have my kitchen if I could do a complete redesign. I love the look of exposed brick, exposed pipes as well as herringbone wooden floors. I want it to be bright and airy, with big sliding glass doors and you can install flat glass rooflights in your home for more natural light. If we were to stay in our house, I would extend the kitchen out to make it bigger and install flat glass roof lights above the new area and have it as like a living area as well as a kitchen/dinner. I’ve seen someone do this with our style of house on Instagram and it looks so good!

I also love the butler sinks. I regret our kitchen design now. It’s grey because I picked it all when grey was in fashion (I guess it still is, but I’ve gone off it now as I think it quite overdone!). I wish I had wooden worktops as I think they look so much nicer.

Modern rustic influence

The modern rustic trend is a trend I’ve been loving for a while now. It’s the perfect balance of practical living with wooden and antique features. I would love my living room to be in this style, with navy blue walls, wooden floors and plenty of plants and gold accents. This is what our living room looks like at the moment. I’m not a million miles away from that trend, I’d love dark walls but I’m a bit worried about how dark it might make the room feel.

What features do you like best from modern interior design?


  1. I love a rustic/industrial style for mine, with a very minimal decor – I love the style you shared in this post, hopefully I can decorate my own place soon x

  2. I prefer a nature-themed minimalist decor and try to incorporate this in my home where I can (as a renter that is a little restricted). I’m always looking for inspiration and you’ve gone some good ideas — thanks!

  3. These are all great elements! I have a tough time narrowing down interior decorating trends that I like. It can be challenging to just pick one – or in my case, pick a couple that actually go together haha! I love rustic, but I also love cottagecore, and I also enjoy modern bohemian.

  4. I loved this! Minimalism, an industrial vibe and a modern rustic influence are my things! My apartment is super tiny so I struggle with making it look exactly like I want. I have high hopes for my next home, though!

  5. I love the minimalistic style of decorating but I just love things too much – haha! I need all the storage as I have so many things, and if it’s not hidden away it wouldn’t look very minimal! Books are the exception – we have bookcases everywhere, and shelves repurposed for books! Mostly full of kids books though as the one thing I consistently buy whenever we are out are new books for the kids, ha! They know if they ask for a toy I’ll say no but if they ask for a book it’s so hard not to think “just one more”, haha!

    Hope you are having a good weekend 🙂 It’s another chilly winter day here, but we still spent a little time at the playground this morning 🙂

  6. I really like the idea of a feature wall with some prints! And of course, the rooms would be filled with houseplants Storage is a must too – I have a lot of stuff

  7. I love the minimalist look, hence my dark flooring with white walls, white furniture, and grey sofa. All the walls in my house are white and I love that. It doesn’t look clinical because of all the books, I have too many to hide away in a bookcase with doors, as it would look too much like a wardrobe. :))

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