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10 things to consider when moving home

AD| Moving house is so exciting, but there’s lots of things to consider when you move into a new home. Once you get over the…


AD| Moving house is so exciting, but there’s lots of things to consider when you move into a new home. Once you get over the excitement of a new home and sit down to really consider everything you have to do, it can be quite daunting.

I must say that buying and moving house was probably the most stressful thing I’ve done! Even having a baby wasn’t that stressful as once you’re pregnant, the rest just happens whether you’re ready or not. But with buying a house there’s so much paperwork, things to apply for, waiting for things to go through and confirm that it’s easy to get confused!

So here’s some things to consider when you are moving house.

10 things to consider when moving house

Confirm the date

You need to get a date as soon as possible so you can plan your move and get time off work. If you’re buying a new build like we did, you might not get a confirmed date until two weeks before. We bought a new build house with Persimmon and it wasn’t easy planning with them. We wanted to complete after the first of July to avoid a penalty from our previous mortgage, they told us it would be 6 weeks before that but it actually ended up being the middle of June.

Luckily, work know about my situation and we were able to be flexible with my time off!

Plan removals

Whether you are renting a van or getting a company to help you do the heavy lifting, get it booked in as soon as possible. Fridays are a popular date for completion so many people move on a Friday meaning removal companies can get booked up so get on those search engines and find a service like this man and van services in Borehamwood local to you.

Consider a storage unit

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to move out of your old home before your new one is ready, then you may need to rent a storage unit like Now Storage self storage in Reading. These can be really handy to store your things while you stay with relatives or elsewhere until your new home is ready.

Change your addresses

Right, this is an awful job so it’s best to list everyone you need to tell about your change of address and just sit down one afternoon and do it. Here’s some ideas:

  • employer
  • HMRC if you’re self employed
  • your bank
  • mobile phone company
  • loyalty cards
  • vets
  • microchip for your pet
  • doctors/dentist
  • car insurance
  • driving licence
  • vehicle logbook
  • breakdown cover
  • council tax
  • electoral roll
  • gym
  • premium bonds

There’s are just a few things you will need to change, there will be more depending on your circumstances!

Order your bins

If you have a new build then you will have to order and pay for your bins and recycling tubs through your local council.

Contact utility services

Contact all your utility services to let them know about your move to make sure you have a meter reading before you leave you old home and when you’re in your new one so you are charged accurately.

Have a clear-out

Start sorting through your things and getting rid of items you don’t want to take with you. It will make packing and unpacking a bit easier when there are less things and you already know what you have.

Throw away anything that’s useless and sell or give the rest to charity!

Organise your boxes by room

When you’re packing remember to put a label on each box for what room it’s for. This makes it easier on moving day to take things directly to the correct room!

Pack things you don’t use

Start packing things ahead of time. Things like books, DVDs, out of season clothes and keep sakes can all go in boxes in a corner of your home to make it easier when moving day comes.

Keep essentials in a place easy to access

When you are close to moving, keep a box that’s full of essential things such as:

  • mugs
  • toilet roll
  • snacks
  • change of clothes
  • nightclothes
  • toothbrush
  • wash bag

You get the idea – a box for things you will need in the first 24 hours while you are still unpacking so you’re not rooting through boxes looking for your toothpaste and a tea spoon!

Hope you found this helpful!


  1. We are hopeful buying a house this year *fingers crossed* so this is super helpful. Bookmarking for reference. It’s so simple but just naminging the boxes by room is so effective, we moved a lot when I was a child, 10 times actually, and we always named the boxes, makes it easier to navigate.

  2. I’m saving this because we’re planning to move once I finalise everything with me finding my next job, so it will come in very handy considering we’ve only moved once before!

  3. Moving is so exciting my goodness, it’s super stressful isn’t it!? We’re not planning to move again, we really feel like we’ve found our forever home now which is an amazing feeling. However, I wish I’d have had access to a blog post like this when we were moving – it would have removed a lot of the stress!


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