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Toddler Room Ideas with Favi

AD| Leo just turned 7 months old, so you probably think it’s a bit insane that I’m already looking into toddler room ideas, but I’m…


AD| Leo just turned 7 months old, so you probably think it’s a bit insane that I’m already looking into toddler room ideas, but I’m already thinking of what his room will be like when he gets a bit older! But I love imagining about how we can decorate it to make it into a lovely space for him when he’s old enough to play in there.

Leo’s room is small, the the biggest thing is going to be looking at things that make the most of storage. I decided to use the website Favi to give me some ideas.

Favi is a home decor search engine that brings you all your home styling, renovations and decor needs together in one place. You can shop by room or use the search bar to find your ideal products.

I loved the option to shop by room, then when you click into each room there’s further categories. It gives you a visual way to navigate the website rather than drop down menus and is great to get the imagination goring by giving you inspiration

Favi children's room categories for a toddler room ideas post

Clicking into the children’s room section allowed me to visually see each section and click through to find the perfect furniture for Leo’s room when he he older.

His bed

toddlers bed ideas

The first thing would be a children’s bed. I searched on Favi for this and there was a few options I like! As Leo’s room is cosy, the above type of beds are something I would want so he has either space to play or storage for his toys and things.

I would probably go for this children’s bed as when I was younger, I would have LOVED to have a play den and this reminds me a bit of that. It would be easy to put some sheets over the top to close it in like a real den and there’s plenty of space for him to sit and play, then as he gets older he could have a desk under there! I used to always want to be inside dens or hideouts. I used to sit in my wardrobe with a torch and read!


Toddlers wardrobes from Favi

Again, wardrobes need to be spacious! Drawers are a must in there somewhere for extra storage. You can get slim ones but I’d prefer a double door one to hold more things. Leo’s current wardrobe has two rails for his clothes so you can put double the amount of clothes in! I love the bright green ones, but it really depends on what colours he wants in his room so we would probably go with something more like this one.

A table or desk

Toddler roon ideas - an image of 4 desks

I love the green desks that match the wardrobes. So cute for a little boys room! The corner desk could probably fit in his room actually. I wouldn’t get a desk straight away until he started writing and colouring on his own when he was a bit older, I would probably get a simple desk like this to go under his bunkbed.

Toy Storage

There’s loads of options in the toy storage section! How cute is the blue toy storage unit? I would love that in his room! The slimmer chest of drawers would probably be more suitable.

If he’s a lego fan, the lego storage drawers would be idea. You can get lots of different colours and stack them on top of each other. How cool is that?

I’v.e had so much fun over the past couple of hours exploring Favi and getting more toddler room ideas for Leo’s room!

Of course, I will allow him to pick the theme of his room. He can have it themed as his favourite TV show or superhero if he wants. Even if it means it’s a bit ghastly. I do think a kids room should reflex their personality and tastes, even if it’s not to my taste. It is his room, so I’m excited to help him create a space he likes. I can’t wait to see how his little personality develops and what his interests will be!

But for now, I’ll enjoy the safari themed nursery that I picked out…


  1. There’s nothing wrong with being prepared! We’ve just moved home and while I can’t do anything at the moment I am endlessly looking at room ideas!

  2. I think the nursery is the cutest and the safari theme is a great one! It’s bittersweet when they grow so fast and you have to change up their rooms so much, haha! We don’t have many toys upstairs in the kids rooms but they do have their own book cases (I had to buy more bookcases for Christmas, our current ones were overflowing, eek!).
    Buying a new bed is something we held off for a while as we got one of those cots that converts to a toddler bed, but they do grow so fast a new bed is inevitable!

    Hope you are having a lovely week 🙂

  3. Oh I love toddler’s furnitures! I think there’s nothing wrong in starting to plan and looking out for them earlier than others, it just means you are very organised. Totally in love with the bunk beds and the house desk! I really love natural wood and having furnitures that serve multiple purposes is amazing x

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