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Tips To Help Your Brand Turn Heads

Competition is fierce across all industries. Attracting and keeping hold of customers is a challenge and businesses need to be able to turn heads. In…


Competition is fierce across all industries. Attracting and keeping hold of customers is a challenge and businesses need to be able to turn heads. In this guide, we’ll discuss some steps you can take to ensure your brand commands attention and elevate your brand

Packaging and logo design

If you sell a product, it’s crucial to be able to catch the eye and encourage the customer to want to learn more. It is highly likely that your products will be nestled on shelves or set amongst virtual aisles surrounded by similar items. You want your product to stand out from the crowd. When a customer stands in front of a display or scrolls through a gallery or product page, you want them to be drawn to your brand and to take the next step and add it to their basket or shopping cart. Packaging and logo design play an integral role in enhancing the aesthetic and creating a connection with consumers. When you are conjuring up designs and working on ideas, think about your ideal buyer and seek professional advice from an agency like Design Cloud. You want your logo to be distinctive and to provide prospective customers with an insight into your brand, what you sell and how you can make their life better. The design of the packaging should be relevant to the brand and the product and it should be eye-catching and include useful information. Use the space you have to up-sell the main features and draw attention to the product. 

Social media

Social media started life as a platform to keep in contact with friends, colleagues and relatives but it has evolved into a powerful marketing tool. You can use social networks and apps to promote products but critically, you can also build strong relationships and give people an insight into what makes your brand tick. Use social media to engage and interact with followers, build a client base and show consumers what your brand is all about. You can share posts, upload stories and video clips and use messaging to give your brand a voice and set your business apart from competitors. 

Customer experience

Customer experience has never been more crucial. Consumers today are looking for more than great products at competitive prices. They want to enjoy the experience brands offer. From shopping online, booking a trip or going into a store, an eatery or an entertainment venue, make it your mission to impress your customers at every point of communication. Prioritise service and support, add unique features to make the experience more memorable and collect and analyse feedback. Reading reviews can help you address potential issues or weak points but it can also enable you to gather ideas and suggestions that will make the service and experience you provide even better. 

It can be tough to stand out in a crowded marketplace. If you are keen to ensure your brand turns heads, it’s beneficial to invest time and energy into designing eye-catching logos and packaging, to focus on enhancing the customer experience and to use social media to show the human side of your brand.

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