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Suggestions for Exploring and Expressing Your Creativity

It’s probably fair to say that, on some level, just about everyone is drawn to the idea of creativity. Companies that express a high degree…


It’s probably fair to say that, on some level, just about everyone is drawn to the idea of creativity.

Companies that express a high degree of creativity are, almost invariably, the ones that we feel drawn towards as consumers – and the ones whose products draw our attention and sway the culture in decisive ways.

It’s partly for this reason that companies such as Creative Jam exist, in order to help businesses fully maximise and communicate their creative potential.

At the same time, creativity is also a deeply personal thing – and personal creative expression is a way of getting in touch with the deepest and most intimate parts of yourself, as well as connecting with other people on a deep level, and having a powerful impact on the world at large.

When it comes to exploring and expressing your own creativity, though, it’s not always completely clear where to start, or how to move forward when you are faced by obstacles.

Here are a handful of suggestions for exploring and expressing your creativity in as seamless and uplifting a way as possible.

Don’t overthink things – just get started and move forward

One major stumbling block that stops many people from truly exploring their own creativity, and expressing themselves creatively, is the natural tendency to overthink things in order to try and ensure that everything is done as “perfectly” as possible.

As creative endeavours are naturally deeply personal and meaningful things in many cases, it stands to reason that you would want to ensure that your own creative pursuit would be as high-quality as it could be.

The thing is, there’s a certain paradox at play. For creative people – whether artists, designers, authors, or musicians – to actually bring something new into being, they have to be able to relax the influence of their critical and analytical minds, and just get started on something and see it through.

While there will always be editing and fine tuning that needs to be done on any given project down the line, one of the most surefire ways of preventing yourself from ever actually achieving anything creative, is to try to do all this fine tuning work at the outset.

To get in touch with – and express – your inner creativity, don’t overthink things. Just get started as soon as possible and move forward boldly – whether that’s with the early stages of a business venture, or the first draft of a novel.

Try a variety of different activities in order to find a pastime or outlet that “clicks” for you

There are a huge number of different ways to explore and express your creativity, ranging from relatively analytical pursuits such as coding a website, to more traditionally artistic pastimes, like painting or woodworking.

The thing is, not all creative pursuits are going to be a good fit for all people, and you won’t necessarily know which avenue is right for you – either in a personal or a professional context, at the outset.

In order to ensure that you don’t end up barking up the wrong tree and wasting your time, you should try out a variety of different creative activities in order to see which ones end up feeling like the best fit for you personally.

It may be that you have always felt that you weren’t really a “creative person,” simply because you were never engaging in the right activities.

Create in a way that feels right to you – don’t try to appeal to a particular audience

Perhaps one of the most surefire ways of sabotaging your own creative endeavours, is to deliberately try to structure them “for the market,” as opposed to simply creating something that feels authentic to you, and seeing how it’s received by others.

Of course, not all creative endeavours that people engage in are intended to be “for sale.” But whether you feel driven to create something that your friends and family like and approve of, or whether you like the idea of actually making a living with a particular creative endeavour of yours, trying to pragmatically tailor your project to suit someone else’s tastes will almost inevitably get in the way of your ability to be authentic.

To a very significant degree, the creative endeavours that actually resonate with people in the most meaningful way – and that help us to truly express ourselves and to thrive – are those that are done for their own sake, because they reflect the genuine interests of the person who is responsible for them.

Focus first and foremost on creating things that feel authentic to you, in a way that feels right to you.

Try to establish a regular routine for engaging with your creative pastime, even when you are not strictly “in the mood”

Even the most critically acclaimed artists, writers, entrepreneurs and innovators out there do not always wake up every morning feeling inspired to create something new.

In fact, a lot of the advice that you will come across from these highly influential creative individuals has to do with turning up and taking action, day after day, regardless of whether or not you are specifically feeling “in the mood” to be creative.

One concept that’s suggested by the authors Steven Pressfield and Stephen King respectively, is that you should view the muse – the spirit of inspiration – as something that comes to visit you more often when you routinely turn up and get to work, instead of waiting for it.

Always remember to have fun with the process

Obviously, one of the main reasons why people actually feel drawn to creative pastimes is because they are fun.

Creating something, and expressing yourself, can be – and should be – an exciting adventure, and something that allows you to experience a dimension of life that is more fascinating, gripping, and rich than you would otherwise be exposed to.

So, don’t let yourself become jaded when engaging in a creative pastime. Always look for ways to really renew your sense of interest and enthusiasm, and to have fun with what you’re doing.

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