5 Simple Social Media Ideas To Help You Increase Your Reach

Social media in modern marketing is one of the backbones of the craft. When trying to build an audience and engage with followers, social media…


Social media in modern marketing is one of the backbones of the craft. When trying to build an audience and engage with followers, social media can be a great tool and bring you closer to your audience as well as make you more accessible to them. If you are looking to build your business this year and you are new to marketing, social media could be the key to success. 

By investing in social media marketing you can increase your reach and visibility to your target audience and today we want to show you some ways to do this. Using social media to improve your reach can be a great way to gain notoriety in your field and we are sharing some ways to do this this week. 

Run an ad campaign 

The first way you can start to build an audience on social media is to run an ad campaign. Social media is a free tool, however, if you want to get results quickly it is important for you to use ads. Running an ad campaign on a social media site such as Facebook can be a great way to boost visibility and you will be able to decide if you want lead generation, views on your website, or more likes on your page. Social media ads can be tailored to your target audience and this will help you put your name in front of the right people. Try it out with a small budget as a test and if it seems to work, it may be worth coming up with a bigger budget for your efforts each month. 

Boost a post 

One other way to run ads on social media is to boost a current post you have. For example, if you have shared an article from your website and want to improve its views – you can post about it with SEO driven wording and then boost the post to reach the right people. Companies such as SEO Shark can also help you to improve your SEO to optimise your content.

Create a video

Video content is the most popular of all at the moment and it is important for you to use video content to your advantage. You can make videos in lots of different ways whether it be a slideshow of images or a filmed segment- and once posted you will likely see a hike in engagement online. Videos are pushed through Facebook in particular so if your audience is here, make sure you use videos. 

Use carousels 

On Facebook, you can advertise in a few different ways and one of the most effective is carousels. Carousels will allow you to bring together images as well as keywords and put them in front of a wide audience. They are attractive to look at and as a result, people will be more likely to stop scrolling than they would with a regular post. 

Post consistently 

Consistently is key if you want to improve your reach on social media. Putting as much content out as you can will ensure that people see it on their newsfeeds and that it doesn’t get lost in a sea of content from your competitors. Come up with a plan of how often you will post and create a calendar that is a few weeks ahead on content. This way, you’ll always be ready to share with your followers. 

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