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AD| I got engaged on Christmas day 2019. How exciting! We booked our wedding a few months later – which was then postponed due to…


AD| I got engaged on Christmas day 2019. How exciting! We booked our wedding a few months later – which was then postponed due to Covid19. I’m now getting married next year so I’ve been on the lookout for wedding rings!

I keep coming across beautiful artisan rings and vintage rings. What I love about this day and age is that you don’t have to have traditional rings for your engagement and wedding and the more rings like this I see, the more I keep thinking I might want a wedding ring that is a bit more unique than a white gold band! There are some lovely wedding rings about now!

I’ve recently been browsing this ring online shop for some inspiration and I’ve come across some lovely items!

Wedding Rings

wedding bands

These wedding rings are so pretty! They are made from sterling silver and are great option for a cheaper ring. If you are wanting to save money on your wedding they are a great option. Remember that you don’t need an expensive wedding ring! It’s a symbol of your marriage but it doesn’t have to get you in debt! I think opting for a cheaper wedding ring and putting that money you save towards something like a deposit for a new house would be a much better investment.

These would also be good if you do have an expensive ring but you don’t want to wear it at places it may get lost or damaged. Such as if you are going on holiday and will spend a lot of time in the water. When we were on a boating trip in Zante a few years ago, my brother’s wedding ring came off when we were on a boat trip in the sea. Luckily, my nephew managed to spot it and swim deep down to get it.

My mum also lost an earring in the sea so it must be very common!

Bridal sets

bridal set rings

How beautiful are these bridal set! I think it’s clear to say I’ve got a preference for rose gold rings with colour stones! Again, these are all so budget-friendly but stunning. I love how they are such a reasonable price as a lot of people often get in debt when getting married and I really am against that! Debt is no way to start off a marriage.

Other rings

jeulia rings

There are so many other items to pick from, I was looking at these promise rings and moissanite rings. How beautiful is the one with all the coloured stones!

If you’re looking for a ring, whether it’s just for a treat for yourself or something like a wedding ring, it’s worth considering this website!

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