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3 Reasons to Use Childcare Services

Leaving your child in the hands of someone else is one of the hardest things you can do as a parent. But more and more,…


Leaving your child in the hands of someone else is one of the hardest things you can do as a parent. But more and more, people are turning to childcare services as they attend to work commitments, which is sure to increase as the pandemic comes under control and more workers return to the office.

Currently, around 25% of preschoolers are in some form of regular childcare service that looks after them as their parents work or can’t care for them for some periods of the day for whatever reasons. Although the staff of childcare services might be strangers to you, should you choose a reputable service then you can be sure your kids are getting the best treatment available. 

Your Baby is in the Right Hands

Childcare employees are highly trained and skilled at looking after children, with rigorous education being a requirement to work within a childcare setting. Level 2 and 3 Childcare qualifications are required in the United States while Level 3 NVQs and various BTEC certificates are required in the UK: all of which are around 3 years of study with hands-on training.

In addition, childcare facilities are required by law to apply strict security measures such as the Health & Safety at Work Act in the UK. However, incidents do happen and just like you would hope to hire dependable nursing home abuse attorneys for crimes against elderly loved ones in care, you should seek legal advice from child protection lawyers if you have just cause.

Learning is Part of the Service

Professional nurseries that are staffed by qualified and certified childcare nurses are an excellent precursor to school for your children because rather than letting children sit around and play all day (which is part of learning, however) early years education is a part of the service of most childcare facilities, but the style and scope differs between establishments.

Most preschool programs and care services teach classes designed as a pre-K-12 introduction that is designed around physical, social, and emotional development as well as teaching necessary skills such as potty training and independence. These valuable lessons can include such things as learning the days of the week, running and jumping, and letters, shapes, and numbers.

Socialization is Important for Development

One of the most important things for a developing child is that of socialization and one study by the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health concluded that proper socialization at an early age resulted in better-behaved children from both the sociological aspect that deals with interpersonal interaction and the psychology that applies societal integration concepts.

Childcare facilities are trained in correct socialization and actively apply the concepts as part of their curriculum. There are many aspects to socialization but the correct solution aims to teach children about valuable tools necessary for life such as boundaries, personal space, sharing, empathy, and recognizing the emotions of others as well as cultural beliefs and values.

Leaving your children with strangers is difficult but childcare services are extremely professional. Most of them are highly secure with well-trained staff and incorporate valuable lessons that develop your child’s cognitive, functional, and social skills as an excellent precursor to full-time school.  

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