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Tips For Choosing the Right Heated Towel Rail

Heated towel rails are a great addition to your home, as they aren’t limited to a singular purpose. Whether you need to make your bathroom…


Heated towel rails are a great addition to your home, as they aren’t limited to a singular purpose. Whether you need to make your bathroom warm and cosy after a long bath, or you want a simple towel holder that will add some interesting detail to your room, they are the right choice to make.

I have been looking to upgrade our bathroom and find the perfect towel rail. We have three toilets in our house and when we picked the house, as the plumbing had already been done, we weren’t able to upgrade to heated towel rails for when we moved in. Today I’ll be sharing some tips from this research so you can also find a towel rail if you’re looking to add one to your bathroom.

Tips For Choosing the Right Heated Towel Rail

Which Type Is the Most Suitable?

There are a few different types of heated towel rails. They are most commonly categorised by the way they function. When choosing which type suits your needs the most, consider the connectivity and the type of heating system you have in your home.

Standard or centrally heated towel rails are the most common. The way they work is the same as any other heaters, as they connect to the central heating system. One key thing to consider is that when the cold season passes, you would still need to turn the heating on if you’d like your towel rail to warm up the room.

The second type you should consider is an electric-only towel rail. If you don’t have central heating in your home, or you simply want to save money on a heating bill, this type of rail would suit you just fine – plus it’s very easy to install.

Dual-fuel heated towel rails are a mix of the previous two types. They have electric parts that make it functional even outside the central heating season. It could be a great choice if you want to benefit from both types of heating.

How Big Should it Be?

The size of your heated towel rail will depend on the size of your bathroom and how much space you have available. In small bathrooms, one towel rail can be enough to heat the whole space – always check your heating requirements (there are many calculators online) to see what size you would need.

Also, the size and direction (vertical/horizontal) can depend on how many towels or laundry you want to hang and dry on your rail, if this is something you’re keen on. If you are unsure how to determine how much space you’ll need, take all the measurements of your room and consult with a professional. In doubt, you could always check out a range of timeless classics such as this one.

What’s the Best Material?

Models of heated towel rails also differ in material. Most commonly, you will find ones made from stainless steel and aluminium. This can also be a determining factor in the functionality of your heated rail as well as how much maintenance you may need to keep it performing at its best. Some metals take longer to heat up than others, so take that into consideration before you decide on investing.

What Style Should I Pick?

The style and colour of your rail depend solely on you. Most often, you will see them in white, black, grey and silver, but some brands offer bolder colours like gold or copper. The style also depends on the decoration of your room and the amount of spare space you have. If you succeed in choosing the right style, it will give your home some extra character.

Heated towel rails have become increasingly more popular in the last few years due to the convenience and comfort they provide. They can add that extra something that is missing in your kitchen or your bathroom. Want to read more about home tips? Find all my other articles here.

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