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My Little Fawn Box Review – A Mother & Baby Subscription Box

AD – Gifted | I’m not sure I can think of a more on-brand collaboration than a subscription box for Leo and me! I love…


AD – Gifted | I’m not sure I can think of a more on-brand collaboration than a subscription box for Leo and me! I love a subscription box, as you can probably tell from my monthly Degustabox reviews and previous Glossybox and Birch Box reviews. This cute box is called The Little Fawn Box and is a subscription box aimed at women from pregnancy up until their little one is 3 years old.

Each box contains over 5 products or more with a value of over £30. It’s a fun way to discover new products! I think The Little Fawn Box would make a great gift for:

  • congratulating a friends pregnancy
  • baby shower
  • baby arrival gift
  • a mothers day present
  • a birthday present
  • a bit of a pick me up if Mum is struggling mentally or physically during or after pregnancy

You can also buy yourself a Little Fawn Box because WHY NOT. You just grew a whole human inside you and that is exhausting – treat yourself!

Your Little Fawn Box will contain age-appropriate products for your baby as well as some lovely things for Mum, making it a lovely little surprise to get!

little fawn box review - products inside the May 2021 box

Inside my Little Fawn Box

Weaning and first foods book. 

My last post was all about my weaning essentials – with our weaning journey just weeks away, this is a book that will come in handy. It has lots of information about how to get started weaning, what foods to offer first, what to avoid and there are lots of recipes that will be great to try!

The recipes are in child-size portions, but I’ll be making more so we can all eat the same thing! I don’t want to be making different things to Leo as I want him to grow up eating the same as us. In theory, he can eat most of our usual meals already as long as we don’t add salt, but I want to try some new things too!

RRP £9.99

Miss Patisserie Bath Ball

This smells amazing and was the first thing I smelt when I opened the box! This is a handmade vegan bath bomb that is full of super luxurious fizz. It’s got natural ingredients and makes your skin feel soft and nourished!

Now that I have a baby, bath and shower times are something that I don’t get to myself anymore. If I get a shower I feel like I’m rushing because my baby is sat in his chair playing with his toys in the bathroom and I’m worried he’s about to grizzle, or I have a bath with him.

Getting this bath bomb has made me really determined to have a bath on my own! I sometimes get in the bath while my partner has Leo, then after about 20 minutes my partner will undress Leo and bring him to me so we can bath him too. So I’ve literally not had a bath on my own since the night I went into labour and the midwife at the hospital told me to get in the bath to help the pain (it didn’t help). I’m looking forward to trying this!

RRP £5.50

Buttle T Strawberry Macaron Hand Body Butter 

This hand cream smells lovely. I could eat it. During Covid times we are all washing our hands more than normal, or using anti-bacterial hand gels which can dry out our hands. Pair that with changing about 10 nappies a day – a mother’s hands need moisture!


Squeakaboos! Soft Toy Rattle.

This is our favourite product! It’s a brilliant sensory toy and when I first gave it to Leo, he smiled so much! He grabbed hold of it and started exploring.

It has a crinkly nose, it rattles when you shake it and squeaks when you squeeze it. Leo has recently started understanding how his rattles work and now has the ability to hold and shake things. He loves it!

It’s soft too which is a bonus, as he often hits himself in the face with some of the harder toys (well, almost! he only plays with them supervised!)

I would recommend this toy to a baby who is just starting to grip things!


Belo + Me Animal Friends Teeth

This is a cute and easy to hold silicone and wooden teether – another brilliant thing for Leo as he is teething at the moment and putting everything in his mouth! His went straight in his gob when I handed it to him! It helps soothes his teeth, fits easily in his hands and is easy to clean!


Here’s Leo enjoying his favourite product from our Little Fawn Box – the Squeakaboo rattle!

baby enjoying a toy from the little fawn box reviews

I also did a little reel on Instagram where you can see Leo enjoying some of the products!

View the reel here! 

Hope you enjoyed my Little Fawn Box Review!


  1. Oh my goodness this is adorable! As is your beautiful baby! I love these kinds of boxes as they seem like such a sweet gift. Lovely post, and I love your blog

  2. Holy shit! The baby is soooo cute!! And I absolutely love the vibe you have going on over here!!

  3. Oh I love the idea of a subscription box for mom and baby! It would make such a great present for new mum’s. Love the products and it seems like baby Leo enjoyed them too! Thanks for sharing x

  4. This is such a cute subscription box for mothers & their baby!
    I hope you’ll be able to enjoy using the bath ball soon & that’s wonderful Leo likes his new toys!

  5. I love that this is a box of expecting and new mothers, and includes treats and toys for both the mum and the baby! The body butter sounds amazing and Leo looks like he is into the rattle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Little Leo is such a star isn’t he!? I love this box as a gift for a new mum. A few friends have told me that they loved getting clothes and cute bits but actually wanted more practical stuff like this


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