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Hey, Don’t Call That Repairman! You Can Fix It Yourself!

There are a lot of repair jobs you can pull off yourself, thanks to just how varied the world of DIY really is. So instead…


There are a lot of repair jobs you can pull off yourself, thanks to just how varied the world of DIY really is. So instead of getting on the phone, waiting on hold for ages, getting a random callout time and then having to pay a huge fee for the job, why not learn to fix as much as you can yourself? You’ll save so much time and money! 

And because of this fact, we’ve listed the beginner to medium DIY jobs you can learn to do yourself below. Take some time getting to know the craft, and then get your toolbox out and take charge of your home once and for all!


In the Kitchen

There are plenty of appliances in the kitchen, but how many of them can you repair yourself? Well, quite a few, and even the oven can be seen to by your hand! Indeed, you can take your oven door apart to clean it properly and then put it back together just right, but for any heat-related issues, you might want to call a pro. 

Otherwise, both your washing machine and your dryer can be a DIY project as well. Seeing as you can invest in things like fisher and paykal dryer parts without having to get your whole machines replaced, you can swap malfunctioning parts in and out with little to no trouble. 

In the Bathroom

Next up is the bathroom; a traditionally wet room, there’s a lot that can go wrong in here. From leaky taps to burst or frozen pipes, you might want to immediately get on the phone to a professional as soon as water covers the floor. 

However, you can make plenty of your own fixes here. As long as you’ve got the right materials for that burst pipe, you can get it done in an afternoon. Once this is complete, wrap it in gauze to try and prevent it from bursting again! Similarly, you can replace the tap washer to prevent it from leaking again, and even do a whole new job on your showerhead as well. 

Around the House

Finally, we go to the jobs that don’t take place in the two rooms above, say in the living room or the bedroom. Because things like the TV can break, or maybe the bed frame comes loose, but both of these jobs can be very easy to repair too. 

A TV screen can be easier to fix and/or replace than you might think, and having just a hammer and a few nails can stop that bed from rocking in precarious places. You’ll definitely save money on bigger, delicate, and more awkward jobs like these if you do them yourself at home. 

In truth, there are plenty of appliances around the house you can fix-up yourself. As soon as one starts to misbehave, make sure to analyze the situation, and then take the thing apart to put it back together right – no middleman needed! 

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