Getting More Visitors on Your Blog Without Using Underhanded or Annoying Tactics

Getting noticed as a blogger is incredibly hard these days. Bloggers aren’t exactly a rare breed and almost everyone has something to say, making it…


Getting noticed as a blogger is incredibly hard these days. Bloggers aren’t exactly a rare breed and almost everyone has something to say, making it tough to stand out from a sea of competition. So in this post, we’re going to talk about some of the best ways to get more visitors to your blog without the need for underhanded or annoying tactics such as spam or annoying advertising.

Focus on creating content that your visitors value

Creating value is an extremely important thing to focus on because it means your visitors are more likely to come back. There are some situations where a blog might look flashy and have a lot of cool features, but if the content isn’t there then there’s no reason for people to visit your website and it’s just going to be a waste of time.

Content should usually be created by yourself, but you can also consider hiring some kind of content creation service. Marketing services can also have in-house content creation teams that will help you bring your business to a much wider audience.

Consider working with an SEO agency

Search engine optimisation is often considered a technical aspect of website design. An SEO agency can be surprisingly helpful for bloggers because they can help optimise your website to be found on Google. Most blogs struggle to make it onto a Google search result page because it’s difficult to target specific keywords. Blogs usually have a lot of unique content on it so it’s hard to build your reputation unless you start optimising your keywords.

However, it’s good to remember that there are many underhanded SEO tactics out there, such as spamming keywords and abusing backlinks. Try and avoid these as best as possible because Google may decide to blacklist you if you’re not careful.

Remember the technical aspects of your website as well

It’s never a bad idea to consider some of the technical aspects of your blog too. SEO is important even as a blogger, you need to optimize your website for all users regardless of their device, and having images with alt text is great for people that have disabled them by default to conserve data. However, there are also other technical aspects such as using a reactive website design that fits the platform that your customers prefer, be it mobile or desktop.

Website loading speed is also important. You don’t want your website to take too long to load since it might put people off, and you should also think about how you plan to serve content such as video and audio as it can be faster to rely on a content delivery network.

Get on social media to grow your presence

Lastly, remember that social media can be one of the best places to grow your blog’s audience. Make sure you’re on websites such as Instagram and Twitter and get involved in conversations by engaging people, sharing ideas, and also showing off the content that you’re creating.

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