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Find Your Spotlight, Since Blogging Is More Than Writing

When it comes to getting a readership, it’s like a race to get to those positions of visibility more quickly than the others in your…


When it comes to getting a readership, it’s like a race to get to those positions of visibility more quickly than the others in your space. You need to struggle to get more of the readership, to be more effective at grabbing attention, and more likely to hit that viral post. It’s not just about writing great content, however. It’s about being competitive and knowing how to market the blog.

Know what you’re competing with

First of all, you need to make sure that you’re taking your time to know your place in the blogosphere. This means getting to know your audience, what they read and what they don’t, and where they spend their time on the net. A great way to find this out is to do competitor research, as well. Look at how other successful blogs in your sphere market their blogs and which posts get the most attention initially. Start learning how to apply what works to your own blog and discard what doesn’t.

Invest in uniqueness

Simply put, if your blog looks or feels like a majority of other ones, then you’re not going to stand out very much. For that reason, you need to think about what the unique value you provide to your reader is. Is it personality, is it insight, is it a format of content that engages time and time again? Find the value of your blog and focus on it.

The emphasis is one investment

It’s not just about investing time and energy into creating a unique blog. You need to literally invest in both your site’s visuals and how you market it. Not only does money talk in terms of buying platform space, but with the help of the right marketing agency. A team with an understanding of the various platforms, such as Google ads, can help you find the best opportunities for visibility.

Help people find you organically

One of the mistakes in marketing is thinking that you have to reach out through ads to find all of your readers. That’s not the case at all. Focusing on improving the search engine optimization of your website can be a huge boost, too. By improving its ability to be found in search engines, you can increase the rate of people who find your blog naturally.

Get connected

Your online presence is going to be greatly boosted by what your readership thinks of you. Compel people to mention you more and word of mouth can carry you a great distance. As such, looking for influencer marketing opportunities and connecting with brands can increase your reach. So, too, can looking for guest writing spots in both other blogs and wider publications. Though there haven’t been many for a while, real-life blogger events can be a great way to build your network, too.

There’s no one approach that’s going to help you grab the spotlight that your blog needs to grow. You need a disciplined mix of the points above to ensure that you’re able to stand out above the competition.

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