Fathers Day gift ideas for 2021

AD| This year is the first Fathers Day where I have to get something from my son to his daddy. How exciting! We really do…


AD| This year is the first Fathers Day where I have to get something from my son to his daddy. How exciting! We really do want to make this day special for my partner. Leo is only 6 months old so obviously cannot pick a present himself, so it’s up to me! So while looking around the Internet and seeing what has dropped in my emails, I’ve picked out my favourite Fathers Day gift ideas for 2021.

When Leo is older, we will make our own cards with his little drawings. I cannot wait!

Father’s day in the UK is on 20th June in 2021. So it’s about three weeks today. If you’ve not bought your dad a fathers day gift yet or you are stuck for ideas, then this blog post is for you.

I’ve got a mixture of ideas in this post. There’s unique gifts, chocolaty gifts and those on the more expensive side.

Fathers Day gift ideas for 2021 pin

Personalised gift ideas for fathers day

Personalised gifts are always special. I love ones that have photos on! Ones that say Dad are great for a first fathers day gift idea as it’s still a bit of a novelty. I don’t have anything with Mum on yet but hopefully, I will in the future.

Choc face

Fathers Day gift ideas for 2021 chocface

How cute is this? Chocface is a letterbox gift idea that allows you to upload photos and then prints them on actual chocolate that you can eat! It’s so simple to use, you just upload your photo, resize it and drag it to the part of the picture you want and upload!

How cute is this? My partner doesn’t usually read my blog and I’m hoping he won’t, as I’ve hidden this from him to give on Father’s Day as a gift! It’s too cute not to!

Dad beer glass

Fathers Day gift ideas for 2021 dad mug

This is actually a Christmas present that my partner requested! When I asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he turned to me and said ‘a beer mug that says DAD on it. So that’s what I got. Would make a great Father’s Day present too, especially for this summer sat in the garden drinking beer.

You can get your own from here and get them to write whatever you want on it!

Edible gifts for fathers day

Obviously, Chocface can go in here too, I wasn’t sure which one to put it in! But edible gifts such as sweets and chocolate always go down well in my house. My partner loves sweets and chocolate. A massive bar of Cabduy’s or a big box of Haribo would go down a treat!

Chocolate Letterbox Gift

Fathers Day gift ideas for 2021 letterbox chocolates

You can buy this letterbox gift on Etsy from a shop called SnodlandChocBoxes. This is a great gift to send to your Dad if you don’t live together. You just pick your Dads favourite chocolate and they will create a box using them!

We couldn’t wait for Father’s Day so we’ve eaten all these lovely chocolates already. I love how the little Kinder bars were also put in as there was a bit of extra space. Yum!

Fun gifts for fathers day

Novelty gifts can be a bit cheesy, but can also be fun! There are many unique Father’s Day gifts out there that your Dad will love! Take a look at some of these!

Kikkerland Galileo Thermometer

Fathers Day gift ideas for 2021 galileo themometer

This Glass globe contains colourful globes that rise and fall according to the temperature. They each have metal tags on saying the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit so you can tell the temperature. It’s a fun quirky gift. Great for any father that likes clever items that they can show off to family and friends at events.

Buy the Galileo Thermometer here

Taskmaster Board Game

Fathers Day gift ideas for 2021 taskmaster game

It’s hard not to like Taskmaster! If you’ve not seen it before, then watch it!

It’s a TV show hosted by the mountainous Greg Davies and his assistant Little Alex Horne where some British celebrities and comedians do different tasks. Then they are all rewarded with points depending on how they do. The tasks are often quite silly, or a bit of a brain teaser. There was one task where they had fit a frozen banana in a wine bottle in the quickest time. It’s fun to watch them try and win by coming up with a clever way to outwit the Taskmaster!

You can now play your own game of Taskmaster at home with your friends and family. Compete in your own set of ludicrous tasks to see who will be crowned Taskmaster champion!

Buy the Taskmaster Boardgame here.

Tabletop Bowling Game

Fathers Day gift ideas for 2021 bowling game

This is a fun game you can play with family and friends. Would be great to play while enjoying a few drinks with your Dad and is the perfect size to pack away and take on holiday! I can imagine this being played around a table in a caravan!

Fancy a game of tabletop bowling after dinner?

High-end gifts for fathers day

If you have a bigger budget, or your father has expensive taste, why not check out some of the following ideas!

Plastic-Free Double Edge Safety Razor

Disposable shaving razors play a major role in the environmental impact of the health and beauty industry, so why not buy your father a Clear Confidence Co plastic-free bamboo safety razor.

We all know it’s important to reduce our use of single-use plastic and disposable razors are a major contributor to global land and sea pollution. This ethical alternative is not only good for the environment but means you don’t need to buy expensive non-recyclable cartridges. You can get a pack of 100 for only £6 or so on Amazon and recycle them after!

The bamboo handled razor is not only beautiful but it’s a fast-growing crop that has low nutrient and water demand. This means it’s a very eco-conscious sustainable material!

So treat your dad to a plastic-free razor and plastic-free shaving brush this Father’s Day!

Barrington Watch Winder

If your dad is a watch lover, then one of these watch winders would make a lovely gift! They keep your watch wound up and also are a lovely way to display your luxury automatic watch. They look sleek and sophisticated on a desk, shelf or bedside table

As a quality watch is an expensive investment, taking care of them is a must and these care for automatic watches by keeping them in perpetual motion as they would be on your wrist. This also means you don’t have to set the date and time when you’ve not worn them for a while.

Buy your dad a watch winder here.

Antique cufflinks

Cufflinks are such a special item and something that can be treasured for years. This lovely collection of antique cufflinks will be something that can be passed down in the future. A very special gift!

Hope you enjoyed these fathers day gift ideas for 2021. What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day this year?


  1. I’m the worst at being able to come up with ideas of what to get my Dad for father’s day – mainly since for the past twenty three years he always says he’s not bothered. However, these guides help me come up with ideas and I’m thinking the plastic free razor might be a good idea for this year.

  2. The choc face products look great! You can’t go wrong with sweet treats. My Dad lovesss fudge, so I always get him some fudge for any occasion! These are some great gift ideas πŸ™‚ xx

  3. Some great ideas here! I especially love the faces on the chocolate – seems right up my dad’s street! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. This year it will very special for you, how wonderful.

    We don’t have children, but we have a dog, and so we get cards/gifts for Mother’s/Father’s Day “from the dog”. I love the chocolate with the picture on it. I will have a look for my husband. I like gifts that are either long lasting, like a game, or that are edible, instead of things like a keyring that ends up in a drawer as a keyring is pretty much enough anyway. I’m off to check the chocolate! πŸ™‚

  5. So many lovely gifts. I love anything personalised for days like Father’s Day. I know my father in law would love the Taskamster game – I can hear his laughter already!


  6. These are such amazing gift ideas for father’s day. The dad beer glass and the personalized chocolate is so cute!

  7. Love all of these ideas! Honestly, my dad is someone that never wants anything and had a hard time finding something for him during the years! I always splurged on extravagant shirt he wouldn’t wear. I am sure he would love the boardgame of Taskmaster! x

  8. I struggle every year with what to get my stepdad, he’s so hard to buy for so this will definitely come in handy! Love the watch x

  9. Ooo, so many great ideas on this list! I haven’t bought anything yet, so I think I will be checking out some of these. I think my dad would like the thermometer, how cool is it?!
    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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