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Skills Every SEO Consultant Should Have

Those who specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO), including an SEO Consultant, need to have a certain set of skills that will allow them to…


Those who specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO), including an SEO Consultant, need to have a certain set of skills that will allow them to expertly analyse and review websites to optimise them in a way that they will be picked up by search engines like Google. As you may already know, and as an article highlights, if your site doesn’t show up on the first page of those results, potential customers might not even know you exist. That’s why there are SEO consultants – their aim is to increase traffic to the site by developing content that contains the appropriate keywords, although it’s a little more complicated than that. 

To gain organic traffic, an SEO consultant will run a variety of tests, from advertising techniques to design and layout to ensure the content includes the appropriate keywords and the right amount to rank as high as possible in search engine results. 

To be successful when taking on these challenging tasks, there are certain skills that every SEO consultant should have, including these. 

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Skills every SEO’s should have:

With Google’s next big update in May, I’ve been seeing lots of talk on Twitter about people trying to improve the SEO on their own websites to prepare. I’ve seen many bloggers talk about hiring someone to ‘sort out their SEO’ in readiness for this. Here’s there skills you should be looking for if you want to hire an SEO consultant,


Analytical skills are one of the most important attributes of an SEO consultant as the job requires analysing reports on increases in organic traffic to determine which methods led to those results. If there are ranking drops, the root causes for the setback will need to be determined. Crunching data on thousands of keywords to figure out the best direction for a marketing campaign and the typic of content that resonates with viewers is essential too. The consultant must have the ability to take data about who, what, when, and where while understanding “why” and “how” questions that come with them.


Communication skills are also key. SEO experts must communicate with other members of the team and explain complex concepts to clients who often have little knowledge or training in the subject. To understand the ins and outs of their unique business and what their goals are, a consultant also needs to ask many questions such as what their daily world is like and what metrics matter.


There is a lot of research involved in the job of an SEO consultant, such as researching for an SEO campaign by conducting a competitor and keyword analysis. But it also requires continuously researching and reading the latest news focused on search engine technology as it changes so frequently. Experiments will need to be run to determine how specific tactics used are affecting search rankings and when challenges are encountered, solutions to problems will have to be found. 

An Understanding of HTML

Having at least a basic understanding of HTML will allow the consultant to identify and make recommendations on the most critical SEO factors that require optimization. It isn’t necessary to be a coding expert or fluent in any programming but knowledge of JavaScript and CSS can be very helpful. To find, change, and edit title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and keywords, they must be able to find them by looking at a website’s “bones.”


  1. I’m afraid I am a real lightweight on this topic,
    and to me some of it seems fairly overwhelming.
    HTML I understand a little bit about,
    but I’m a total dunce with respect to JavaScript and CSS.
    I love how you broke down / separated the SEO skills into four categories.
    Very informative!

  2. Loving the creative wording you use here. The ‘bones’ of a website brought a smile to my face!
    I am not an expert in SEO, but I am doing the best I can to learn all I can through hands-on experience. Love that you highlight important skills a consultant should have. When looking for an expert, it is important to be able to recognize and be sure you are hiring an expert. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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