SEO Trends in the UK

Search engine optimisation is the key to boosting web traffic. While the foundations for SEO are set in stone, tweaks occur regularly to keep up…


Search engine optimisation is the key to boosting web traffic. While the foundations for SEO are set in stone, tweaks occur regularly to keep up with changes in browsing habits and technology. Here are some recent changes in SEO trends to consider when developing content.

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SEO Trends in the UK

Mobile-First Indexing

The core of SEO content involves quality content that’s relevant to the websites’ industry with carefully placed keywords and phrases. Mobile-first indexing has been slowly rolling out since 2016 when Google first announced it. This trend is occurring because more people in the UK and around the world use a mobile device to search the internet than a desktop unit. Google doesn’t separate the two platforms. Instead, it mostly uses mobile versions of websites for ranking. By deprioritizing desktop and non-mobile technology, web designers need to prioritize mobile content. 

Develop Rich Snippets

Like mobile indexing, snippets aren’t new. When written with the right focus, they can improve search engine results pages (SERPs.) However, they should be written to provide zero-click results. These offer searchers the information they are looking for without the need to click on the link. To get ahead of the PPC results with your organic snippets, centre each one around answering questions before inserting keywords. 

Optimise for Voice Search

Mobile users are leading to changes across the board for SEO. Along with indexing and rich snippets, Google and other search engines are working with technology, such as Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Alexa, to assist with voice-based searches. While these were limited to younger users, the increase in the accuracy of speech-to-text applications has expanded the base to include more adults. To account for these changes with SEO, content needs to be more fluid and similar to how people speak. For example, wording more keywords in a question and answer format instead of computer language such as ‘How can Audiology SEO help our digital marketing plan?’, then go on to answer the question. 

Don’t Forget the Images & Videos

Visual searches are increasing as much as voice-enabled ones. Website images are as important as text. In fact, high-quality ones can boost traffic. Additionally, users are starting to search the internet by image. Google is increasingly incorporating this type of data file in its rankings. 

These changes aren’t limited to still pictures. Videos are also increasing in web traffic. Just like some users need to read information, others prefer to listen or stream a video on their mobile device or cast to their TV to get a quick answer. A report by Cisco in 2017 estimates that 82% of all IP traffic in 2021 will come from video. By including recordings and text, you can increase your website’s search engine results pages. 

Keep your website at the top of Google’s listings by tweaking the content and metadata to meet these SEO trends in the UK.

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