How to make your interior family friendly

Kids can be adorable, I mean – look at mine! But they can also wreak havoc in 0-60 seconds. And while your home pre-children may have…


Kids can be adorable, I mean – look at mine! But they can also wreak havoc in 0-60 seconds. And while your home pre-children may have been a pristine palace, post-kids youll struggle to even find time to vacuum. A busy family home has plenty of other things to focus on without the added pressures of redecorating and fixing things every other day. So, how can you make your interior more family-friendly, to remove stress and projects from your never-ending to do list?

In this guide, you’ll find tips and tricks to help you manage your family home.

How to make your interior family friendly text with an image of a childs bedrom

Creative storage

With toys, school provisions, laundry and everything else that seems to find a home on the floor, the house can get pretty cluttered, pretty fast. And while shoving everything back into a cupboard is one solution, using creative storage ideas are much better over the long term. You cant expect all toys to stay magically in your childs bedroom, as theres an opportunity to play just about everywhere! Woven storage baskets in the corner of rooms are a great way to add storage without taking over the whole space.

Coffee tables with drawers or multiple tiers are also handy for storing away books or small items.

If you cant bear to handle the mountain of laundry just yet, stashing away clothes in an ottoman can help keep the peace within the master bedroom or bathroom until you are brave enough to tackle it.

Add an extra bathroom

Depending on the size of your home, you might be able to make space for a second bathroom or toilet. Many people manage to convert the space under the stairs into a small toilet so that kids can use the restroom without needing to be supervised upstairs. It also means when youre trying to relax in the tub, therell be fewer knocks on the door interrupting your peace.

Talk to a bathroom layout design specialist to see what options you have for switching up your current bathroom, or adding a second toilet to the home. A second bathroom can also add value to your home if you end up needing to sell.

Family-friendly paint

No child can resist the urge to draw or paint on the walls. And if youre not prepared, their new masterpiece could become a permanent feature of the house. Semigloss paints are the solution. They are easy to use and will allow you to wash away chalk, crayons, paint and other arts and crafts that end up on the wall. Semigloss paint can be used in any room of the house but is definitely a good idea for your childrens bedroom.

Vinyl floors

Vinyl floors are also a good idea for the busy family home. Its durable enough for high footfall areas, is scratch resistant and easy to maintain. There are plenty of vinyl patterns and styles to suit everyone in the home. Its easy to install and replace, too.

These tips and tricks should help you protect your home from stomping, spilling and anything else your child does day today! And, it can all be done on a budget.

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