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Lockdown is ALMOST over. Things are starting to open up and life is getting back to normal. But there are still restrictions and it’s still…


Lockdown is ALMOST over. Things are starting to open up and life is getting back to normal. But there are still restrictions and it’s still better to spend most of your time at home. If you’ve already completed the internet, you might be looking for online games or some things to do when bored online that are free. Not that I get much time to be bored now I have a baby!

I just need to say that this post took me SO LONG to write as I kept getting distracted by the websites I’m about to talk about!

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Things to do when bored online.


Mix replaced StumbleUpon a few years ago. It’s a similar concept. It’s basically a collection of articles, photos and videos that you get shown based on your interests. You can thumb-up up or thumb down something you are shown and it will curate your feed for what you want to see.

I love spending a bit of time on this as you can end up with the most interesting article or stunning photography! There is a phone app too and this focuses more on visual things to look at within the app rather than clicking onto interesting articles. is a place where you can play free online games. It’s a new website so one to keep your eye on. It currently has around 100 free games to play and has plans to add more.

They are generally simple addictive games that you can play, selecting different ones depending on your mood.

One of my favourite games is ‘Snowball World Cat Platforming Game’ – where you play a cat trying to find a key to the next level. The catch us you can’t turn around and have to wait until you hit a bumper, jumping over gaps and enemies. It’s an addictive little game! free game site review image games to play when bored online

Princess Goldblade was another game I really enjoyed. As you can tell, I have a preference for 2D platform games! You go through 8 levels collecting treasure and fighting enemies with your gold blade. free game site review image - games to play when bored online requires no signup but saves your data so you can come back and play where you left off. Which I really like as it’s just hassle-free gaming. You can browse and just play what you fancy! I usually play a few different games each time I go on and can easily pass an hour!

There are simulation games, shooter games, sports games – a bit of something for everyone.

These are my go-to games to play when bored online.

The Chive.

The Chive is a website full of funny memes, cat photos, videos and more. They have daily randomness, morning awkwardness and other cool posts that are collections of amusing pictures. There’s also a lot of photos of women in their underwear, so be aware of that. You can mostly just avoid those threads if you aren’t interested boobs!

I’m a puzzle

Things have moved on since the days of bent cardboard and lost pieces; however, I’m A Puzzle, from Unwind Media, is every jigsaw puzzle you’ll ever need, preserved in flawless digital condition for eternity.
For a start, there are the included puzzles – thousands of them, arranged into categories like Holidays, Animals, and Places. Plus, the supply of puzzles on I’m A Puzzle truly is infinite since you can upload your own images and then share them in the usual ways or embed them in an email to send to friends.

A softer world

A softer world is a website I used to visit all the time when I was at university. I would best describe it as ‘an emo comic’. It’s basically a collection of photos with words on them in comic style. They are quite nostalgic/depressing/powerful.

It’s hard to explain, just go have a look and you will get what I mean!


We watched The Queens Gambit when it came out and WOW it was amazing. I used to play chess with my mum when I was younger, so after watching the TV show it got me wanting to play it again!

Apart from playing it in a pub in York, with my partner a couple of years ago, I have not played since! When I’m bored and have a bit of spare time, I often go here to have a game of Chess.

Ride virtual rollercoasters

This might sound silly, but I have spent so much time watching videos of rollercoasters! Just search ‘roller coaster POV’ on YouTube (or POV and a ride you want to watch) and there are loads of videos from the front seat.

I love rollercoasters but I’m also terrified of them, haha, So I love to watch these videos. The anticipation of the slow accent and the fast drops still give some a bit of an adrenaline rush.

Sometimes I’ll go on and look at the rides I went on at Disney World and Universal Studios, it brings back wonderful memories!

28 days later

28 days later is an Urban Exploration website. Basically, it’s a website where people show photos of videos of them visiting abandoned buildings.

There are old hospitals, old theme parks, old insane asylums, abandoned cinemas, swimming pools and more.

They have a report of the history of the site being visited too. It’s insane how decayed things get so quickly and there is something sad and eerie about all these abandoned places. Many of them have videos showing them exploring places. It’s easy to get lost on this website.

If you want some more game recommendations, then Louise Rose has some great game reviews on her blog!

Hope this post gives you some ideas of what you can do when you are bored! What are your favourite things to do when bored online?


  1. This is a great list! I quite often get bored online and these are some great options. I used to love StumbleUpon, so Mix would be a great fit for me. 28 Days Later sounds interesting too.

  2. Both the 28 days later and are going to be my ruin ahah
    I’m terrible and I tend to procrastinate a lot more than I care to admit, so I will probably need to block these until further notice…

  3. Virtual rollercoasters sounds like fun! I I used to play so many games online when procrastinating studying in uni, haha! It’s good to see there are sill places online you can do that πŸ™‚

    Hope that you had a good weekend! It’s a nice relaxing long weekend for us.

  4. I love Stumble Upon, many hours have been lost falling down rabbit holes! I love being able to take five minutes away from work on my laptop so these game sites are cool for me


  5. Sometimes I need something to do online, especially if I am seeking a way to be re-creatively inspired if I am blocked, so I love the sounds of Plays. The cat game is something I too could easily pass an hour on . . .

    Loving the sounds of 28 Days Later. Bittersweet but with endless stories to chance across and gather inspiration from!
    Thanks for sharing. <3

  6. What an awesome list! I haven’t heard of the majority of these sites, which is perfect because now I have a ton to explore. I am very intruiged by the 28 Days Later site. So now I know what to do at work tonight πŸ™‚

  7. Wow what a wonderful list – I hadn’t heard of any of these but intrigued by the Chive & 28 Days later! Thanks for sharing this list, it’s super helpful during lockdown!

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