5 date night ideas for parents

AD| As if going on a date isn’t hard enough these days with all Covid restrictions, try throwing a baby into the mix! I’ve been…


AD| As if going on a date isn’t hard enough these days with all Covid restrictions, try throwing a baby into the mix! I’ve been with my partner for almost 5 years now. Just because your relationship is new, doesn’t mean you can’t have a date, so I wanted to put together this post with date night ideas for parents.

the cutest baby in the world - date night ideas for parents

It’s really important to make time for each other when you have a new baby as you often can spend all your time and energy on the baby and forget about each other. So here are some date night ideas for parents.

Oh, just another thing! These ideas aren’t just for parents – feel free to enjoy them if you are childfree!

5 date night ideas for parents with images of games and beer

5 date ideas for parents

A night of Fortnite. 

My partner and I met on Tinder. If dating sites like gamerdates were around, we could have met on that as we both like gaming. Although we don’t have much time now! I actually have a tech website that I’ve posted a few game reviews on, sadly I don’t have time to update it much.

My partner is a PlayStation fan and I’ve always preferred Xbox. We tend to play the PlayStation more though. One game we play together every so often is Fortnight. It’s such a simple but fun game to play and best of all – IT IS FREE.

The short games mean you can have a few beers and snacks while you take it in turns to play. We always have so much fun when we take the time to play this, it’s funny to watch someone else play and also keep an eye on the screen and tell them if you see someone close by! Sometimes you can get someone people using their mics in your team and they can be hilarious.

The bonus of this idea is that if the baby does wake up, you can still play as you are taking it in turns!

Board games.

There’s plenty of two-player board games you can play if you do want to get off the video games and do something in real life. Here are some you can play:

  • Chess
  • Jenga
  • Scrabble
  • Battleship
  • Monopoly
  • Connect 4

There’s actually loads if you give it a Google, the above are just ones I’ve played growing up and know I would find them fun now!

Meal at home box.

When Leo was first born, my partners Dad treated us to a Rick Stein Home Food Box. It was a bit pricy but if you consider what you would spend on a meal out, drinks and a taxi then it’s worth it!

You pick a day you want it delivered and it comes with a menu and easy instructions. We had a lovely steak which came with a starter of pate on toast, sticky toffee pudding and a bottle of red wine. It was so much better than we expected it to be and we will be getting on again.

Its a luxury treat and perfect for a date night in! The ease of preparing the food does make it feel like you’re in a restaurant The only problem is you have to do the washing up.

Prosecco & a bath

If you’re lucky enough to have a bath big enough, then share a bath with a bottle of bubbles! It’s a great way to relax and re-connect. Grab some fancy bath bombs, do face masks and enjoy your time together.

Retro gaming.

Sorry, another one related to gaming, I just love gamer dates! But Retro gaming is another fun way to spend some time together while re-living some old favourites.

We have the Super Nintendo mini console which has lots of old classics like Mario Kart and Donkey Kong. We also have a copy of the remastered Crash Bandicoot game which is frustrating but fun.

Hope you enjoyed these date night ideas for parents. What’s your favourite?


  1. Love all of these ideas! A gaming night with snacks truly sounds wonderful! Mario Kart is always a huge hit at our house, it’s also a great way to wind down after a long day! x

  2. Love this post, I’m not a parent yet but I love that there are fun things to do at home when your kids aren’t around.
    I mean, I’d take any date night at this point


  3. Some really great ideas here and I love that you mentioned chess and games that were non-console based too.

  4. Wonderful ideas, while my partner is my children’s dad we both make sure we spend time together in the evenings, it’s so important to find time to spend as a couple in between busy lives!

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