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What You Should Know About Designing Your Retail Store

If you’re opening a retail store, you’re probably quite excited about the prospect of designing it. You can ensure this store suits your brand image…


If you’re opening a retail store, you’re probably quite excited about the prospect of designing it. You can ensure this store suits your brand image and personality, and that it targets your audience perfectly. However, there are a few things you should know – it takes more than using the right colors and fonts to make it look good! Here are some pointers to think about before you get started: 

Consider Where The Foot Traffic Wants To Go Naturally 

Consider where foot traffic wants to go naturally when people enter the store. You’ll often find the majority of people turn left or right, and this can depend on a number of things, from the layout of your store to what’s on display. You can cleverly design your store to encourage people to take a specific route, ensuring they take in as much of the merchandise as possible while they browse. There are many styles to consider, such as free flow, geometric, racetrack and straight. Working with a specialist like ISI Global will usually provide the best results, so consider that before attempting to take care of the finer details yourself. 

Don’t Forget About Your Window Displays 

Your window displays are going to tell people a lot about what’s in your store, so make sure they send your message appropriately. They are what you’re going to use to draw people in! Ensure your window displays are changed up just enough to keep people interested – a few times each season could be a good way to do it. It’s a good idea to go for seasonal displays to get the best response. 

Keep Some Space Between Products And Fixtures

When you’re arranging things in your store, make sure you make the most of negative space. This means keeping enough space between products and fixtures. It’ll stop things from looking cluttered and cramped, and allow people to browse freely, feeling like they have some breathing room. 

Keep Your Displays Fresh

Your window displays are important, but make sure you keep your displays inside fresh, too. Don’t forget to cross merchandise – this could mean putting your bags by appropriate dresses and t-shirts in a clothing store to encourage people to pair things up and buy together. 

Incorporate All Of The Senses

Incorporate the senses in a way that matches your brand, too. Scent and sound can be used in smart ways to make people want to spend longer in your store, and imagine themselves using your products. It’s also a really good idea to incorporate taste if you sell food or drink, so don’t be afraid to offer little samples! Show people what they are missing and they are far more likely to buy. 

Designing your retail is very exciting, and a great creative endeavour – although you should be mindful of the above tips to make sure you get it just right. Do you have any advice of your own? Leave it in the comments below. Come back soon!

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