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I revamped my website during lockdown!

AD| You may have noticed that things have changed a little around here! As you can probably tell, a few weeks ago I changed my…


AD| You may have noticed that things have changed a little around here! As you can probably tell, a few weeks ago I changed my blog design. Every couple of years I like to have a revamp of my site! Here’s what I’ve changed…

girl blogging on a rose gold mac blog themeChanged my theme.

The biggest change I’ve made is that I’ve changed my theme. If you’re interested in what my blog has looked like in the past, you can read this post to see what my blog looked like YEARS ago. In 2014.

I started using circles for the featured images in my posts. I loved it at the time and started to see it as a bit of a ‘thing’ that was mine. Something that could identify my posts immediately – that circular image. Eventually, I started putting text on the images too. As you can see by reading this post, I’ve said bye to the circular image. For two reasons:

  • It made me feel really restricted every time I wanted a new theme, I had to find something that would have a square featured image.
  • I was getting fed up with doing the text and editing it! It might not seem like a lot of time, but I am so time poor at the moment, I just need to make blogging as quick and easy as possible!

So I’ve done away with that and found a new theme that I love! One that I love and that doesn’t run on the Genesis framework – I always find those hard to install!

There are still a few more things I’d like to do, such as a search for some script fonts online and make my blog more unique and have. Especially the header! You might see some minor tweaks here and there!

Changed my colour scheme.

My colour scheme isn’t that different, I’ve kept teal green as my main colour but started using some neutral shades in my pin images, tweet images and other branding. I was using a pastel yellow and pink before. I just feel like this looks better and will make for better images on Pinterest and within my blog posts.

Updated my about and PR page.

I updated my pages – my about page wasn’t too out of date, I last changed it when I was pregnant. Now that Leo is here, I wanted to change it to reflect what my life is like now and also update my images.

I updated my PR page too,  pretty sure the stats on there were from like 2016! Yikes! I’m really going to try hard to update them monthly!

Created a media kit.

I’ve not done a media kit in ages. I always felt they were a bit of a waste as hardly anyone asks for them, but I’ve done it and the other day I sent it when replying to an email! Not sure if it was the media kit or not, but it landed me a paid collaboration.

women on macbook at table with a cup and phone

Updated my Instagram page.

I already posted about this in this post, but I’ve been working really hard on Instagram lately so have gone a different direction with my photos, stories and posting schedule.

Added affiliate links into existing posts.

I have a few old posts that still do well on Google. I’ve recently joined two Affiliate programs so went back to those posts and put affiliate links (and a disclaimer!) in the post to see if I can make a bit of passive revenue.

Edited existing posts.

I’ve about 2500 posts on this blog, so there’s no way I can edit them all! But I did edit the feature images for the previous few posts so my new ones didn’t look odd, and I also edited the image of posts that do well in Google.

Now, every time I link to a previous post, I edit the image so it looks good on my new them!

I really need to do more work on my existing posts. This post explains why and how you should look after your archives.

So yeah, that’s how I’ve been spending lockdown!

How about you?


  1. I love your website & your ideas. You are super creative. Updating your blog like you do every once in a while is good (both for you and your readers). I love that you kept the same theme while adding more neutral colors. I still have to edit my older posts (something I have been waiting long to do and don’t know when I’ll get into it).

    I have just discovered your blog and read your last 3 posts and I am a total fan. I’ll be reading your blog regularly now. 😀

  2. Hi Corinne! I absolutely adore the new changes to your blog. They’re all beautifully done. Congratulations on a successful revamp. Like you, I think changes can be a very good thing. Theme changes can be intimidating because there is so much to be done after, but the end result is fantastic! 🙂

    By the way, congratulations on the paid collaboration and new media kit.

    Job well done, lady boss! I hope you love it more and more every day. Blessings to you in 2021!

    1. Thank you! It makes it seem worth it after feeling like it’s given me some success! I’m not sure how much it helped though haha.

  3. Your website looks lovely, I like the new layout and the colours are so pretty 🙂 It’s good you’ve been so productive with it all too – i really should try invest time in stats and media kits and updating old posts but I barely have time to blog, and I turn down every request I get so I haven’t been sending media kits for a while now, haha!

    Hope you are having a good weekend 🙂

    1. Hahaha yeah, it has been time-consuming! I guess you have to prioritise what’s important to you and if you don’t need media kits then use the time to just blog instead!

  4. Haha! I think we’re all on the same boat. I basically rebranded and took blogging seriously in September 2020. Love that you’re focused on your social media presence! I keep putting my media kit off Lol Thank you for sharing x

    Lynn |

  5. Wow, 2500 posts is a lot, but it seem your post most days and have been blogging since 2014, so that’s, that’s not much of a surprise. You blog looks great by the way

  6. I love your new theme & the colors!
    That’s good you updated your pages & created a media kit!
    I only have 400+ posts, but it is a lot of work to go back & edit them. I’ve been adding featured images too

  7. Your theme is absolutely gorgeous and looks so professional! I really like the olive colour. I know what you mean I’ve actually recently gone back and started adding new Affiliate links into old posts I only have a 1/4th of the posts that you have and I’ve found it really hard.

    1. Thanks! I’ve not added them into all my posts, just the ones that still get traffic so it’s not taken long!

  8. I have been in love with your theme since discovering your blog a couple of weeks ago, I find it so cool! I need to go read your About page now, since I am pretty new around here x

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