Hair Treatment – How to Maintain Colored Hair

We live in a more liberal society compared to the early or mid-1900s. As things are, people are all out to look good even it…


We live in a more liberal society compared to the early or mid-1900s. As things are, people are all out to look good even it is means getting a different kind of color on their hair.

There are black-haired people making conscious attempts to become blonde and many more of such. In short, some people just have a thing for getting a hair color that is not their natural color.

Just so you know how many people indulge in this fashion trend, reliable statistics gathered showed that over 70 percent of ladies in the United States have had colored hair treatment at some point. This is way more than the 7 percent that was reported in the mid-1900s.

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Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having this experience. However, you have to ensure that you go about it the right way. This is so that you do not regret the attempt in the process. Coloring your hair requires thorough care so it will not go dry and frizzy, or worse, will cause damage that would be hard to treat or fix.

It is for this reason that we advise you have the treatment administered by a professional. This is way better than looking up some visual tutorials on YouTube and other such platforms. But even after your successful experience at the salon, you still need to properly maintain it. This is so that you have the best look and do not need to visit the salon too often.

To help you achieve this, we will discuss what you need to do to maintain the new color. So, you need to read this if you just got your hair colored or you are hoping to do so anytime soon.

Do Not be Too Hasty about Washing

There is just something about the hair and moisture. While it is important to maintain proper hygiene by washing parts of our body, you should understand that wrong and excessive exposure to moisture can wash away essential oils.

As a result, you are advised to stay away from washing immediately after the hair coloring procedure. Although you may think this as awkward, this part of your body needs to absorb the dye properties for about 3 days. So, do not be in a hurry to wash your hair after the experience at the salon.

Be Careful About Your Shampoo

The major essence of shampoo is to make the scalp and fibers free from dirt and oil. This is important at some point after the coloring procedure. However, you need a shampoo that is mindful of the delicate state of your hair and will not have adverse effects.

Therefore, we strongly advise that you stay away from shampoos that have any form of sulfate. The foamy properties of this chemical will do this part of your body no good. So, stay away from it.

The same also applies to conditioners. Make sure the conditioner has no form of Sulfate because of the negative effects it may have on your locks.

For the record, it is not sufficient to get a product that is labeled “color safe”. This is because many manufacturers are not sincere in this regard as they are simply pulling a publicity stunt.

Stay Away from Hot Water

We understand how difficult this rule can be especially during the winter period. However, you should stay away from hot water in the best interest of your hair. The reason is that hot water will have an unwanted effect. It will force open the parts that are responsible for trapping the dye. As a result, it will begin to lose color rather than shine better.

But this is not the case with cold water as those cuticles will be able to properly trap the dye. So, make do with cold water for the time being.

Do not Wash Frequently

We understand that some people naturally have dry hair and need some products to deal with the situation. But more often than not, the frizziness and dryness are a result of excessive washing.

So, you may want to desist from excessive washing. This is especially important if you have colored hair. The reason is that you can wash off the dye having forced the cuticles open. As stated earlier, you should stay away from hot water when washing it.

Dry Shampoo Is a Better Option

Some people have reservations about using dry shampoo. These people feel the lack of regular moisture is odd and will not allow the shampoo to work effectively.

Well, it so happens that dry shampoo is the best option for maintaining this kind of hair. It offers a mild approach to cleansing the scalp and all parts without forcing the cuticles open. As a result, the color remains intact and you do not have to visit the salon anytime soon.

The Sun’s Ray Is Dangerous

The ultraviolet ray emitted by the sun has a negative effect on the new color. Considering this, there are two ways you can go about protection – staying away from the sun totally or using a covering; and using leave-in products.

Although the latter option will cost you more, it is a lot better. The chemical composition of the products is designed to help deal with ultraviolet rays without adverse effects.

Furthermore, these products ensure that your locks are hydrated, supplied with essential nutrients, smooth, and good-looking.

These are just some of the essential steps you should take for maintenance. For more, you can click here to learn how to treat colored hair at home all by yourself.


A lot of people love to experiment with different hair colors, however, there are certain things you should do after getting the procedure done to maintain your new colou. We hope this article can help you maintain your hair colour with the shine and glow it should have. This article also hopes to lessen the fear of having dyed hair because treatment and maintenance are available for you. Moreover, do what makes you happy and beautiful without sacrificing your crowning glory.

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