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Degustabox March 2021

AD| Gifted – It’s been a good while since I’ve done an actual roundup post of Degusabox on my blog. I have still been getting…


AD| Gifted – It’s been a good while since I’ve done an actual roundup post of Degusabox on my blog. I have still been getting it, but while I’ve been adjusting to life as a new mum and figuring out how to blog with a baby, I’ve been posting it on Instagram instead as I’ve not had much time to get on my computer!

The March box has been one of my favourites in ages! I’ll be using everything that’s in this one! Let’s dive in!

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degustabox march 2021 product review flat lay product review flat lay kellogg's crunchy nut peanut butter

Crunchy Nut Peanut Butter – Kellogg’s

I had this on toast with banana and honey for breakfast a few times and it’s so good! It’s made with honey nuts and has the perfect CRUNCH. Yum yum!

Degustabox March 2021 esprala

Esprala Apple & Red Plum Drink

This is delicious! I’m not a fan of green tea but you can’t taste it at all! It just tastes like a fizzy soft drink.

Degustabox March 2021 cheerios organic honey choc

Organic Honey & Choc Cheerios 330g

I’ve always been a fan of cheerios! But these honey and chocolate ones are a step up to the original! Another thing I’ve had for breakfast a few times this week!

Degustabox March 2021 pitch block o choc review

Bloc’O’Choc – PITCH

A brioche roll with a bar of chocolate inside! I’m not personally a fan of Brioche but my partner is, he’s been enjoying these as a snack after work.

Degustabox March 2021 lucozade zero tropical

Zero Tropical – Lucozade

I love Lucozade, my favourite is the classic orange one. I’ve not tried this yet as I’m saving it for a day I need an energy boost! Probably due to my baby not sleeping well, haha!

Degustabox March 2021 mug shot chicken mushroom noodles

Mighty Chicken & Mushroom – MugShot

I kindly gave this to my partner as he loves pot noodles! He ate it after work one afternoon when he needed something quick and couldn’t be bothered to cook after a long week at work. He loved it!

Degustabox March 2021 smarties orange

Orange – Smarties

This orange Smarties bar comes in recycled paper. I love orange chocolate and I always reach for the orange smarties! Loved this chocolate bar.

Degustabox March 2021 enervit and mallow & marsh

Red Fruit Delight – Enervit Protein Bars

Absolutely love protein bars! Even more so now I don’t have lots of time, Sometimes I just swap them out for breakfast, or have them as a snack after working out.

Mallow & Marsh

Yeah, I could do with more of these please! They’ve been featured inside Degustabox before and I’m always so happy to see them. Marshmallow coated in chocolate, I love it!

Degustabox March 2021 brynmor flapjack

Raspberry Brynmor Flapjack

Wow, these brought back some memories! These were in the box when I had morning sickness and they were something I could actually eat. They’re gluten-free and made with all natural ingredients.

Degustabox March 2021 filippo berio

Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Balsamic Vinegar – Filippo Berio

Everyone has heard of Filippo Berio! I love their extra virgin olive oil so these samples will come in handy for sure. We’ve already enjoyed the balsamic vinegar mixed in a salad with some basil.

Degustabox March 2021 chickpea hippeas

Salt & Vinegar – Hippeas

Please can I have some more of these? A tasty natural source of protein and the perfect snack when you fancy some crisps.

Looking forward to next months Degustabox!


  1. I used to love getting Degustaboxes, they were so good to sample brand new products! Many I would even repurchase too!

  2. Wow this box is jam packed with goodies. Half of these snacks would be taken by my boyfriend – he loves peanut butter and lucazade!

  3. This looks like a great box, I haven’t heard of it before. It seems a great way to try a number of products I wouldn’t normally pick up in the supermarket.

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