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6 ways to boost blog traffic in 2021

I’ve written many posts about getting more traffic to your website in the past, but not recently. I think it’s about time I updated the…


I’ve written many posts about getting more traffic to your website in the past, but not recently. I think it’s about time I updated the advice for 202 to help you boost blog traffic.

I’m currently trying to boost my own traffic after I stopped being so consistent with blogging when I got pregnant and had my baby.

How to boost blog traffic.


My biggest source of traffic is ALWAYS search engines. I used to get lots of traffic from Twitter, but these days my biggest traffic generator is Google, so SEO is very important. The potential to gain a  high amount of traffic from search engines is huge.

There’s no way to guarantee an article or blog will end up on the first page of Google, but there are ways to help your chances of ranking top on Google.

I’ll be writing a post soon about the best SEO tips in 2021, so keep your eyes peeled!

Publish regular content

Don’t let your readers forget you! Post regular content so they don’t stop checking for updates, or forget about you if your posts don’t show up on social media and Bloglovin. Regular content updates are also good for SEO. It shows Google that your site is regularly updated and trustworthy.

Niche down.

Well, this is awkward, isn’t it? – as this is something I’ve always struggled to do. Picking a niche sticking to it.

If you write about the same topic all the time, Google will start to think you are serious about that niche and will rank you higher than someone that talks about different topics.

And honestly, I hate this because I love talking about different topics that are relevant to my current life situation!

Interact with other bloggers.

Interacting with other bloggers on social media and in the comments of their blog posts is a great way of getting some traffic, it can help to increase your page views for a few reasons:

  • Bloggers will often visit your blog in return
  • They may link to your blog in tags and roundups
  • They may share your posts or tag you on social media


Pinterest is often known as being amazing for blog traffic, it’s basically a search engine itself! If one of your pins finds itself at the top of a popular search query, it can go viral and bring you new traffic every day.

With Pinterest, you want to be sharing no more than 25 pins a day. In the past, it was to be recommended to share more, but now less is better!

Don’t forget to create a few different images to pin for each post and make use of Tailwind to schedule pins and share them in Tailwind communities.

Guest posts and contributions

Guest posting on other blogs is a great way to link build and get your name in front of a new audience.

There are often requests on Twitter and in blogger Facebook groups. Both for guest bloggers or for bloggers to contribute an idea or tip to someone’s post.

Hope you found this post helpful!


  1. I KNOW pintrest works, and yet I still can’t set aside enough time to be active on there? I feel like I like pintrest when I’m looking for inspiration, but I don’t know why I’m not one to promote on there! I definitely have to get on there, and at least try to post a few things weekly. Great post xx

    Melina |

  2. Pinterest changed the way it does stats in January, and now my head hurts with it tbh!

    The thing I’d say is most important is building an *engaged* audience – it’s better to have 10 people in your corner for everything than 100 people who really don’t give a sh**. Although, like most bloggers, I get caught up in the stats and traffic chasing way more than I will ever admit! Lol.

  3. Love all these tips! STill making my way through in cracking Pinterest as it goes up and down, but it can be such a great tool for traffic! Honestly I wish I had learned about SEO before starting writing content, but I guess it’s the learning curve. Thanks for sharing x

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