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Different Ways Businesses Are Communicating With Customers

Businesses are very lucky these days with how technology has evolved. It has given them more and more ways to engage with their customers making…


Businesses are very lucky these days with how technology has evolved. It has given them more and more ways to engage with their customers making interactions easier and more personal. This can help increase their business as customers like to be in the know as well as being able to reach companies with any issues that arise without being stuck on the phone for hours. 

Different Ways Businesses Are Communicating With Customers

One of the ways they are looking at this is by using social media. Social media is a great tool for any business, big or small. It gives you a way to interact with customers in several ways. They can send an instant message straight from their account. If you know your business is unable to respond straight away you will be able to set up an automatic response. This can include a thank you for contacting you as well as a realistic timescale on when you will reply to avoid the customer being dissatisfied. You can also opt to use things like Instagram stories which allow you to incorporate questions and polls so you can get feedback and information from your audience in a friendly and fun way. 

Email newsletters are another great way businesses are interacting with their customers. Firstly they will need to get people to sign up to receive emails. A good way to entice people to sign up is by offering a discount or something small for free when they sign up. So if it is a coffee shop they can offer a free small coffee or for a hotel, they can offer 20% off breakfast with a stay when people sign up. Businesses can then use these email lists to contact customers and potential customers about upcoming events, offers, and discounts as well as updating them on anything new and exciting they are working on. 

Another way to interact with your customers about big subjects, exciting news, and important announcements is by having a blog incorporated into your website. Blogs are just for influencers these days. Businesses can benefit from having them. It gives them a chance to post important news and updates which are just too wordy for social media posts. By posting regularly as well it can help your website perform well so it will be seen by more people on search engines. Make sure your website performs well and has good speed though as this can put people off using it.

The last way businesses can use technology to communicate with their customers is by text message alerts. So, for example, you can use text message marketing for hotels. This way hotels can remind you of upcoming stays, check-in and check-out times, and offer you different things for your stays like breakfast or dinner. They can also use them for customers to check out, in-room requests, and for marketing contact. 

These are some great ways businesses communicate with their customers and if you haven’t tried them all already it is certainly a great time to start.

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