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The Reasons Why Waxing Is Better Than Shaving

AD| Is waxing better than shaving? In the modern-day, there are so many different options at your disposal when it comes to selecting the right…


AD| Is waxing better than shaving? In the modern-day, there are so many different options at your disposal when it comes to selecting the right method of removing hair. Should you wax your legs? Is shaving the best option? Should you invest in hair removal cream? Perhaps looking into laser treatment is the recommended solution? 

With such extensive choices, it can be confusing to know what option to go for. Nevertheless, opting to use wax is largely considered the best route to go down. There are many benefits that can be gained by going for this solution, especially in comparison to the other most used method which is, of course, shaving. Needless to say, a laser hair removal service is the best option overall, as this is long-lasting and means you don’t have to worry about continual hair removal, as is the case with waxing and shaving. However, when choosing between the latter, waxing is certainly better.

Waxing Is Better Than Shaving


Why is waxing better than shaving?

  • Say bye to shaving cuts and rashes – Shaving can often have a negative impact on the skin (especially if you are someone who is known for being clumsy). You won’t experience this if you opt to wax. 
  • No more stubble – You don’t experience that horrible black stubble you get when you are shaving. 
  • Smooth skin – One of the main reasons why waxing is recommended is because it’s the only way to ensure the skin stays smooth. This is because the hair is removed from the bud.
  • Saves time – You will only have to get waxed every few weeks. However, shaving needs to be done every few days.

When you take these four points into account it is really not hard to see why wax is the best hair removal solution. Nevertheless, you will only reap all of the benefits associated with this method if you know how to prepare your skin properly beforehand and how to take care of your skin afterwards. 

How to prepare your skin for waxing

  • Exfoliate and moisturize on the day before waxing – Don’t apply any on the actual day of your appointment.
  • Shower or have a bath beforehand – It is important to remove dirt as it can be a hindrance whilst you are having your wax.
  • Avoid deodorant – If you are having your armpits waxed it is recommended to avoid putting deodorant on prior to your appointment. 
  • Don’t drink coffee – This is something a lot of people are unaware of. However, caffeine makes you more sensitive to pain, so if you can stay away from having anything that contains caffeine on the day or the day before your appointment it will be beneficial. 

How to care for your skin after waxing

  • No exercise, tanning, intercourse, saunas, hot tubs, or baths – On the day after your appointment.
  • Regular moisturizing and exfoliating – Wait until 24 hours after the treatment and then begin to exfoliate and moisturize regularly. This will ensure your skin stays soft and will also help to prevent ingrown hairs and bumps.
  • Ingrown hair serum – You can actually buy serum specifically designed to ensure no ingrown hairs appear. This is always a recommended purchase.

One final point to recognize is just how important it is to make sure you find the best place for your treatment. By doing this you can ensure the best products are used and your skin’s potential for irritation is decreased as much as possible.

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