Getting back on track with Myprotein

As most of you know, I had a baby just over 5 weeks ago. Just before I gave birth, Myprotein hooked me up with some protein bars for use when I was ready to go back to training. They sent me a box of:

I’ve been doing a few gym sessions a week (if you want to see my fitness journey, then follow me on Instagram) and I’ve found these handy for saving time in the morning when I only have limited time before the baby wants feeding again – I have one instead of making breakfast before working out.

I’ve tried a lot of protein bars in my time. Before having Leo I would have them in the morning either driving to the gym first thing or driving from the gym to work – again – I use them for convenience and to save time.

 I tried the protein cookie to start with. To be completely honest, I’d say it was pretty similar to other protein cookies I’ve tasted. I wasn’t blown away. As you can see form the photo, the middle wasn’t gooey like on the packet, it was just a bit darker/wetter than the rest of the cookie which was a bit disappointing. These are okay but not something I would repurchase. I’d say they are ‘as expected’.

However, the double dough brownies were AMAZING. They are so rich, sweet and soft. They remind me of the 5 layer bars that Myprotein sell – I was also a big fan of those! They do look quite small but they are thick and dense so really do fill you up. I love having one in the morning with my coffee before hitting the gym and would purchase these again! It’s so hard to find a protein bar that doesn’t taste like a protein bar and this really does tick the box. If you are a fan of chocoaltely sweet treats, then you will love these.

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  • Ivana Split

    Protein bars can be practical and time saving. It makes sense to have them for breakfast or before gym time. It is great that you loved the protein brownies and the protein cookies seem alright too (but I can see why you liked he brownies a lot more).

  • Toma Ruh

    Congrats on having a baby! ♥️ I’ve tried quite a few protein bars from different brands and I wasn’t blown away by any of them. But now I’m really curious to try these! They look delish!

  • Anca

    It’s been a while since I had some protein bars. The brownies sound lovely, but they contain milk, so not for me. It’s a shame you did not enjoy the cookies more.

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