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The Best Decor Touches For A Beautiful Home

AD| Making your home beautiful can be difficult. If you spend time staring at Pinterest, wondering how you can recreate the ideas yourself. Take inspiration…


AD| Making your home beautiful can be difficult. If you spend time staring at Pinterest, wondering how you can recreate the ideas yourself. Take inspiration from the trends to make your home beautiful.

Best Decor Touches
Best Decor Touches


When guests come in, your hallway makes the first impression. The eye is often drawn down to the floor first, so make it interesting. Patterned concrete tiles practical in a hallway, but still look striking. Choose a bright or patterned tile to liven up a small or dark hall. A dark entryway can be brightened up with some extra lighting and a large mirror to reflect the light. 

How much storage is there in your entrance hall? Coats, shoes, and bags all need somewhere to go if you don’t want clutter. You could add a small bench to sit on when you take your shoes on and off and a coat rack. If you have enough room, a credenza table with drawers is ideal for a ‘landing strip’, for you to put things like keys, mail, and sunglasses as you come in. 


A lot of u us focus on the practical details of a kitchen, not the decor. 

If you’re on a smaller budget, make your kitchen look nicer without spending too much by changing the colour of your kitchen cabinets. You can change your cabinet doors or even just the hardware. Shop for stylish, but long-lasting worktops, handles, knobs, and light fittings to finish off the room in a stylish way. 

You could go all out with a bright colour in the kitchen, like yellow cabinets, or you could stay more traditional with neutrals for a more classic finish. Keep the kitchen simple with white if you prefer a look that is airy and bright. Buy floor tiles that match your theme to keep things consistent and beautiful throughout the room. 

Living Room

The living room is probably the room that gets the most use in most homes. You need to make comfort and functionality work together if you’re going to design a living room that is cosy, beautiful, but not overwhelmed with clutter. Your living room should be somewhere you are able to both relax and entertain. The decor you choose for this room needs to work for both of these different uses. 

Design your layout to work for these purposes. Add in plenty of storage to organise clutter. Add furniture that can be moved around, like black round coffee tables which can be tucked under each other out of the way, or pulled out when you have more guests. Add a mix of ambient lighting with some brighter lights for reading or board games. Once you have made a decision on where everything is going to go, you can start to add in all the interesting finishing decor touches. Details like indoor plants, candles, cosy throws and cushions, and displays on end tables and coffee tables will finish the room and are where you can show off some personality. 

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