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5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Athletes

AD| If your partner is athletic, you might be unsure what to get them as a gift and need some stocking stuffer ideas for athletes….


AD| If your partner is athletic, you might be unsure what to get them as a gift and need some stocking stuffer ideas for athletes. From stationary bike machines that immerse riders in virtual trails and smartwatches that are so high-tech they could probably read your mind, it seems like your hyper-athletic, goal-oriented spouse has every fitness gadget in the book.

So, when it comes time for holiday gift-giving, what in the world do you get them? Here are just five ideas to make your fit partner happy.

stocking stuffer ideas for athletes

#1 Headbands and Hair Ties

Men and women alike need to keep their hair out of their face when working out. Unlike in anime and action movies, not only do our luscious locks look far from flowy when we’re breaking a sweat, but it can also be a bit of a liability in the gym.

You’d be surprised just how many of these your spouse probably goes through. They’ll be happy you saved them yet another trip to the drugstore. However, we recommend you give this gift as a cute stocking stuffer or as a supplement to a larger, more thoughtful present.

#2 A Foam Roller

While by no means a substitute for your weekly romantic massages, a foam roller is a wonderful gift for any athletic spouse. Muscle soreness and gym burnout are real, and proper foam-roller stretching does wonders for relief and recovery.

#3 A Shoe for Every Occasion

Maybe your cross-fitting wife wants to get into free climbing. Or, perhaps, your running-fanatic husband is eyeing the boxing gym a bit more.

No matter what their new exercise of choice is, new shoes to fit that specific workout environment are an absolute must.

But when you’re giving shoes to an athletic loved one, you can’t settle for less—make sure you’re getting them the best hiking shoes money can buy (so you don’t have to do the hike of shame back to the footwear store). Also, make sure they don’t suffer from any particular feet condition. If it’s the case, include specialized insoles such as inserts for heel spur to add comfort and support.

#4 Cute New Exercise Clothes

Sometimes, your gym-going spouse can forget to treat themselves. Why not do them a favor by buying them workout clothes that are as cute as they are functional?

Here are just some ideas for items that’ll find a happy home in your athletic bae’s wardrobe:

  • A form-fitting matching set (in fun, flattering colors like mustard, teal, or emerald green) for weightlifting.
  • Comfortable yoga pants in a funky print.
  • Pastel cycling shorts that double as trendy bottoms for casual outings.
  • A supportive sports bra that actually fits.
  • A new swim cap with a pattern that reflects your SO’s spunky spirit.

#5 Wireless Earphones

We’ve all been there—mid-squat, legs shaking, music swelling towards a glorious crescendo, you’re gonna make it! Your personal best… then click!—deafening silence. Your moment of triumph is now scored by your shallow breath and distant grunts from the muscle heads across the gym. What happened? Those pesky earphones snagged onto the bar… again! Okay, so maybe this example isn’t applicable to everyone.

However, the problem still stands: wired earphones are a total buzzkill for anyone looking to get pumped while pumping iron. Needless to say, Bluetooth earphones are the best earphones for the gym. If your spouse is a fiend for weightlifting, consider adding these bad boys to the shopping list.

Join in for a Workout

Even if morning crunches and nighttime yoga might not be your thing, let this holiday season inspire you to give up a bit of your time (and about a bucket and a half of your sweat) to workout with your spouse. They’ll love the company and enthusiasm you bring to what is usually a solitary endeavor.

Even if you can’t lift quite as much or run quite as fast, your loved one will appreciate the sacrifice (like we said, soreness is real) you’re making to make their winter workout a bit more wonderful. Hope you enjoyed these stocking stuffer ideas for athletes.

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