How Retail Stores Can Make A Comeback

No other industry has been hit harder than the retail industry. Ecommerce has won big time, but in-person retail has positively plummeted. It’s been very…


No other industry has been hit harder than the retail industry. Ecommerce has won big time, but in-person retail has positively plummeted. It’s been very painful for business owners to have to shut-up shop and simply hope that customers will remember them and come back again. Well, now that it seems like lockdown is being relaxed in most Western nations, it’s time to take this opportunity in stride. Making a comeback won’t be easy, but it won’t be so much of an uphill struggle if you do the following things.

Visual impact!

Looking at the part is going to capture the attention of passersby. Big bright lights will draw customers to your retail store, like a moth to a flame. Consider window displays by Design4Retail as they have some of the most unique, mesmerizing light displays that one could hope for. They have worked for Vans, Charlotte Tilbury, Adidas, Harrods, Under Armour and USA Pro but to name a few. Lights at the front of a store aren’t just there to be festive. They have to showcase your products in the window, so placing them strategically is important. If they’re everywhere and too bright, nobody can see into the store. Likewise, they need to be the right kind of color to showcase your logo, be consistent with your branding and so on.

Displays matter

Now that you have your lights on, what are you going to display? Your best products have to be set up in such a way that they can be easily seen by those who walk by. This means, spacing each product apart neatly but still having a stylistic continuity so braiding remains consistent. If you sell makeup, you would want your background to be distinct but not too offset. So white or yellow lights, in a display with a pink background color, will showcase your makeup wants, brushes, pads and mirrors in a feminine hue. A pink or lavender tinge will descend on your products and it will stand out on the high street. You have to think when a customer is walking around town, how will they be able to see you through the crowd of people? A pink glowing window display will surely do it!

Be friendly and considerate

Many people will still be apprehensive about going outside to do their shopping. So train your staff to be considerate of everybody’s safety. Always be 2 meters apart, and wear a mask and or gloves. Give customers the opportunity to wash their hands with sanitizer, so keep a bottle right at the entrance. You should also have markings on the floor for customers to line up safely as they stand and wait to pay for their items. If a customer feels faint from wearing a mask, give them a place to sit down. This is especially important for older people who find it difficult to breathe while wearing a mask. 

You can make a comeback this festive season if you follow these tips. Make your display visible with a great design and great lighting displays. Be the most courteous you can and win over the confidence of your customers. 

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