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Cherriful Reusable Maternity & Period Pads

I gave birth less than three weeks ago. Women usually bleed four to six weeks after giving birth. That is a lot of maternity pads! So when I got the chance to try Cherriful’s reusable maternity and period pads, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give them a whirl and save the use of some pads.

When it comes to periods, I’m usually a tampon girl, but after giving birth you can’t use tampons, not that I would want to because I’m a bit afraid of that area at the moment, so when I go back to having periods it’s nice to have these to wear.

Sadly, I had an episiotomy during labour and had dissolvable stitches. The doctors said I should change my pad every time I go to the toilet to prevent infection. I don’t think I have been bleeding that much, that means I was changing my maternity pad more than I would have done. Again, more waste!

About two weeks after birth, I finally got around to using these pads. I was a bit overwhelmed from the birth and was in and out of the hospital for the first week, so didn’t get a chance to sit down and read the in instructions and actually start using them – having a newborn is a very demanding and I rarely thought I had a moment to think and when I did, it was mostly my only chance to jump in the shower and wash my hair.

I finally got the chance to get these out and have a proper look.

I was sent five of the reusable maternity and period pads for heavy flow. They came in a box with a bag to pop in your handbag and carry them around in, as well a bag to wash them in. You need to wash them first before use, so I used the wash bag and put them in the machine. Then I hung them on the airer to be used the next day.

They are comfortable to wear and have a soft towel feel. They have wings with poppers to keep them in place. You do need to ensure the underwear you are wearing has enough material to help keep them in place, as with any pads really, or they can slip out.

Once used, the instructions are to soak them in cold water for around 30 minutes and wash on a 40-degree wash. I ran them under the cold water tap and then put in a plastic bowl full of cold water. I just kept adding them all until all 5 were used and washed them all together in the bag. I guess you could wash them separately if you are washing other things, too.

I was quite surprised that they came out clean from the wash! I was expecting them to be a bit stained, but the first wash went well.

Now I am using these alongside disposable maternity pads – 0nly because 5 isn’t quite enough for me as I’m having to change often, so I’ll use all 5, wash them and use the disposable ones while I am waiting for them to dry.

I’ll continue to use them when my period arrives, whenever that is! The only potential issue would be using them when you’re not at home – you would have to carry the dirty one around in the carry bag if you changed, so I guess it depends how comfortable you are doing that.

Pads end up in landfills, so getting on board with reusable pads is the way forward. If you consider, on average, we will have periods for 40 years and can use up to 15 thousand pads and tampons during our lifetimes – now is the perfect time to switch to a reusable option,

Cherriful Reusable Maternity & Period PadsCherriful Reusable Maternity & Period PadsCherriful Reusable Maternity & Period Pads

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