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Is It Time For A Change?

When you are working in a large company – whether that be in a hospital, a hotel or an office – you can start to…


When you are working in a large company – whether that be in a hospital, a hotel or an office – you can start to feel a little lost. We all hit a point where your life is an unhappy one, and it’s because of the job you’re doing. Whether it’s because you feel unfulfilled or because you feel too pressured in your role, identifying why you are finding it hard to feel happy in your role is important.

Is it time for a change? Are you tired of seeing the same faces and doing the same things every day? Well, it could be time to look for a new opportunity through – or it could be time to upskill and learn some new things once more. Either way, we’ve got a few signs that it’s time for change, so that you know that it’s time to make a move.

  • You’re not enjoying what you’re doing right now and you’re dragging yourself to work everyday. You may not love work everyday, but you should feel happy to be doing what you’re doing. If you’re working in medicine, perhaps the speciality that you chose initially isn’t the one for you in the end. They could offer you more money, but perhaps it’s not about money and you just want to be able to enjoy your day to day in the workplace for a change.
  • You’re only staying because of the money you’re earning. Some medical roles are particularly highly paid, and if your job is one of them, it’s going to be tough to leave. It’s even going to be tough to want to leave the security the salary brings. If money is an issue, it’s probably time to look for a better salary while you can get it.
  • Sometimes, your job may even be difficult and you’re struggling to keep up. This is where you want to reskill and go back to school and try again. You need to study sometimes to feel good about your job, and that means learning something new all over again. It can be too much for you to stick in a job that you are finding hard, so don’t. Instead, figure out how to make it easier on yourself. 
  • You’re dreading every new work day. Everyone gets the blues after a few days off, but if you find that you are slipping into a funk every evening before work, it’s time to do what you can. Life is too short to work in a position you hate, and even if you have to take a step backward to spring forward better than ever, do it to make life easier and more bearable.

A career change can be something that you make time for. Figure out your finances and line things up so that you can change your life. Your career makes up a big part of your day to day life, but don’t let it be the thing that holds you back, not when you have a life to lead!


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