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Degustabox October 2020

I absolutely loved this box! It was one of my favourite boxes for a while. So let’s see what’s inside! Don’t forget you can get…


I absolutely loved this box! It was one of my favourite boxes for a while. So let’s see what’s inside!

Don’t forget you can get £3 off your first Degustabox food box with the discount code E1MWX

Degustabox OctoberDegustabox October kitkat senses

Senses 240g box – KITKAT

These were so tasty! Surprisingly the hazelnut praline one wasn’t my favourite. The salted caramel one was the best flavour!

Degustabox October snack attack

Original – Attack A Snak

NACHOOOSSSSSSS! I love Nachos. When I go to the cinema I always get them with cheese and extra jalapenos! I can’t wait to tuck into these. I’m not sure about the cinema offer advertised not the front because obviously Cineworld is in a bit of hot water right now but do hope they can open again.

Degustabox October naked veg pot

Noodle Rendang Curry Veg Pot – Naked

Another one stolen by the partner, but he really liked them and asked me to get him some to take to work. I often get him to pot noodles as his work meals have been crap lately but he much prefers these Naked pots as they’re not as salty and disgusting. I mean, pot noodles are great but you deffo only want them on occasion as they aren’t the healthiest!

Degustabox October reese's mini cups

Mini Cups – Reese’s

These don’t need any introduction. If you don’t like peanut butter cups then you are wrong.

Degustabox October olly's pretzels

Multiseed Sesame / Original Salted – Olly’s Pretzel Thins

I wish I had a look in on these vegan snacks, sadly my partner ate them before I could even blink.
And yes, we argue about him eating all my Degustbox stuff all the time.

Degustabox October malteasers

Hot Chocolate 350g pot – Maltesers

I’ve been drinking this in the morning instead of coffee as coffee is still making me a bit nauseous. I’m just missing marshmallows and squirty cream!

Degustabox October st pierre brioche buns

Brioche Buns – St Pierre

I stuck these in the freezer to have with burgers. I must say, they defrost so quickly. We often have bread buns in the freezer and microwave them to defrost, but after 30 mins on the side, these were good to go without the risk of damaging them in the microwave. I know that’s probably a really random thing to say about them but it was something I liked about them.

Degustabox October flapjack yes protein

Almond, Peanut / Cashew, Blueberry – YES! Protein

Chocolate Flapjack – Brynmor

These three bars have gone straight into my hospital bag, my midwife said. I should get some flapjack and things for some slow-release energy for labour like these and I can’t wait for them.

Degustabox October costa coffee

Instant Coffee – Costa

I love Costa coffee and will be getting more of this when my partner has drunk it all and I can have coffee again! I usually get the Tassimo Costa Caramel Latte, but will wait until the baby is here. It’s so nice to have a decent coffee at home that doesn’t taste like a normal home blend from a jar.

Degustabox October whaoo

Chocolate Filled Crepes – Whaoo

You just stick these in the microwave to warm and then eat! Though sadly I didn’t think they were that great. There wasn’t a lot of chocolate in them and it didn’t seem to melt in the time suggested on the packet.


  1. All looks so delicious! I like to have snacks party too!
    Thanks for sharing

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  2. I got a box of those Kit kat thingies last year from a kid and I really liked them but, like you, someone else seems to devour my treats and snacks! I’ve not actually tried those peanut cups but I suspect I would like them.

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