Increasing the pageviews on my blog // an experiment

I love an experiment and I’m keen to do one on increasing my pageviews. In the past, I’ve done an Instagram experiment as well as…


I love an experiment and I’m keen to do one on increasing my pageviews. In the past, I’ve done an Instagram experiment as well as a Pinterest one.

It’s pretty simple, over the next 4 weeks I’ll try out a few new things to increase my pageviews and report back on how it well it’s worked.

Since I’ve stopped blogging daily (well, even before that!) my pageviews have dropped dramatically. I’ve not been checking my stats at all for the past year or, so when I logged on to Google Analytics for the first time since I don’t know when – I was shocked how much they have gone down!

I’ll post the stats at the end of this, but first I wanted to put some next steps in place for things I’m going to do to improve my pageviews. I’m about to enter the 9th month of my pregnancy so I’m really hoping I can do these for 4 weeks! It’s just small things I can do each day while I’m on maternity leave.

So, here are my goals:

increase blog pageviews

Comment on blogs.

I want to comment on at least 5 blogs a day – these will be blogs that I have commented on in the past – I’ve got around 20 in my bookmarks so I would love to reconnect with the bloggers, as well as returning the favour for those that comment on mine. I used to spend a lot of time commenting on blogs and would get lot’s in return. It was really nice to build a relationship with people and I want to reconnect with those that still blog and catch up on their lives.

Promote blog posts on Twitter.

I have switched Hiplay back on so my Tweets will schedule through Buffer again, although I’ve turned he frequency down to around 8 Tweets a day. I’m also going to go back to making images to posts to promote where I think these are sharable.

Using Tailwind.

I’m going to be back using Tailwind to schedule Pins and publish to tribes. I’m also going to start posting some pregnancy content on there and find some group boards for this.

Better content.

My blog posts offering tips on social media and blog posts have always done well, so I want to get back to writing more content like that – ideally once a week and some pregnancy content that I hope will be helpful!

increase blog pageviews

So hopefully these things will help me to increase my views a little and see a difference!

Any other tips?


  1. These seem like good goals! I hope you can achieve them all! I’ve found even though we are home more I’m struggling with blogging time – I’ve dropped down to two posts a week too as I’m getting dressed out of loungewear/pyjamas less so have less to share, but still finding time is tricky. The kids don’t nap during the day which takes a lot of my time out, haha! It would be good to set goals like this and try stick to them but it’s all still very haphazard and I just do what I can when I can! Good luck with your plans!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend 🙂

  2. Kudos for your ambition!
    All my best wishes for your ninth month of pregnancy!!!
    On the subject of pregnancy and fashion, I personally happen to love puffy shouldered frilly feminine empire-waisted babydoll tops 20 inches to 24 inches long, have trouble finding them in my size (XL or XXL) and wondered what were some good places to window-shop online for them?
    As for page views I have always thought the page views for your blog were awe inspiring.
    I always love reading and looking at your fashion beauty lifestyle SocialBloggers and cat related posts.
    I know you already utilise more social media platforms than I do (I only use my blog, my YouTube and my Twitter and haven’t posted in year 2020).
    I do think commenting on other peoples’ blogs is an excellent way to get more blog views!
    I think that finding commenters on other blogs who leave good comments and have nice blogs to comment on is another way to find commenters who might visit your blog and actually read and/or look at your post(s). I’m often surprised to find a blog I haven’t visited before that’s been commented on by bloggers I’m familiar with from the blogosphere. 😀

  3. Hey there Corinne! Wow, you’re so close to your baby being born! Your stats and blog achievements has always amazed me- you have been so driven at whatever you do! I hope your experiment works. I’ve been less good at commenting and visiting lots of blogs- since I bought my house a couple of years ago and have a long work journey, I’ve definitely done less since I get home so much later!

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