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How To Take Inspiration For Your Fitness Lifestyle In 2020

We all need motivation to burn in order to get us out of the house and working out. We can consider this the fuel in…


We all need motivation to burn in order to get us out of the house and working out. We can consider this the fuel in our engine, the resource that we cannot see but can certainly feel. Feeling inspired and motivated is often denigrated as transitory, but that’s not always the case, inspiration can last for some time provided you use it in the right manner.

However, it’s also true that post-lockdown and in the midst of a pandemic, many people have put on weight and have allowed their bad habits to return. We cannot blame them for this, of course, it’s quite understandable as to why people may be a little more friendly to themselves as of late.

I know my own motivation can come and go, even more so now that I am pregnant – but one thing is always true – once I am dressed and in my garage gym, the hardest part is over!

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A little more inspiration may be just what the doctor ordered. However, it can be a false equivalence to believe we can just move forward and better ourselves with care, consistency and a willingness to move forward. Inspiration cannot last in a vacuum. So, in the following post, we’ll discuss four excellent measures that may help you move forward and take inspiration for your fitness lifestyle, even in the depth of this awful year.

Follow Influencers You Trust

There are many excellent influencers out there that have many good tips to share. This can help you set a goal, gain the motivation you need, and ultimately unlock the confidence for yourself. Influencers such as Amanda Ventrone and more will put self-positivity and a creative, inspiring message first, something you can understand is a human and wide-ranging worthwhile narrative to hold onto.

Just filling your timeline with this positivity can help you feel much better, and get in a better mindset than simply feeling worn out or unworthy all of the time. That’s a wonderful place to start, because it all begins with your outlook on life.

Use A Well-Worn Program

When hoping to stay motivated, it pays to be as informed as possible. If the complexity of your workout plan gets too intense, or you feel unable to conform to its requirements, you will ultimately feel unable to progress. That can be hard on anyone. Don’t be afraid to begin with a carefully calibrated approach, something that helps you benefit yourself and stay motivated.

For instance, running with couch 2 5k plans can often help people feel more able to move forward and improve from session to session, because it gives them the means to relax, rest and move forward as necessary. Don’t discount this benefit, it can have a very positive impact on you going forward.

Measure & Consider Future Progress

Measuring your progress can be motivational in itself. It can also be worthwhile to write down the goals you wish to hit, and make sure you hit them by holding yourself accountable to their ultimate realization.

So, you wish to begin running. Perhaps you feel tired in the mornings, however. How can you get over that? How can you slowly become more productive to the point where this doesn’t really matter? What warmups could you do to help you feel better and more motivated in that morning? Listening to your feelings and your body can help you excel and become more accustomed to who you are and how you are most effective.

This can be the work of several weeks or even months, but once you find a routine that works for you, you can be sure to feel more inspired for your fitness lifestyle, and also from it. Remember, your passion lies within.

Understand Your Potential

Understanding your potential is also an intrinsically motivational state to be in. It can help you open up to a realm of possibilities you may be ignoring. For instance, compare yourself to where you started. Even if you’ve lost one kilogram and feel a little better on the treadmill, you have made progress. That kind of potential can help anyone open up and feel better about themselves. Don’t forget to care about the small, incremental positive successes you feel. They matter. They mean something. They can help you go back next time and do more, and be better.

Your potential is ultimately limitless. Sure, you might not be the best Olympic athlete when starting training at thirty, but you can still be a much better version than who you are now. That impetus might help you push a little harder, and remain a little more encouraging regarding your potential progress and how that manifests.

With this advice, we hope you can take inspiration for your fitness lifestyle in 2020 – in the best possible sense.

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