Degutabox September 2020

I’m still loving getting this box of food each month, it’s even much more of a highlight now since the pandemic started and I’m hardly…


I’m still loving getting this box of food each month, it’s even much more of a highlight now since the pandemic started and I’m hardly going out.

It was another great month of snacks, food and drinks, let’s check it out!


Organic Vegetable Barley Soup – Amy’s Kitchen

I love Amy’s Kitchen soups – vegan and organic, they’re a great staple to have in the cupboard for when you’re wanting a warm and filling lunch!

Cloudy Lemon Cider – Thatcher’s

Obviously, due to being pregnant, I didn’t drink this, but my partner did and really enjoyed the zingy flavoured cider!

Naked Japanese Chicken Yakisoba

I’m already quite the Naked Noodle fan, in fact, I had some for lunch. I’ve not tried this but will make it one day for dinner, just adding veg and protein to make a warm, filling meal!

The Protein Ball Co 

I sent these to work with my partner as I am not a coconut fan. But I’ve tried other flavours of these protein balls and have really enjoyed them!

Jelly Pot Raspberry – Hartley’s

Harley’s raspberry jelly is a good staple. I’m sure everyone’s had some at one point or another. These ready-made snack pots are perfect for pack lunches!

Sweet & Salty Dark Chocolate Almond Bar – Rhythm108

This was one of the first things I ate out of the box, I didn’t even realise it’s vegan! It was so delicious and rich tasting!

Gold Pure Maple Syrup – St Lawrence

A perfect way to sweeten pancakes, waffles or ice cream. This provides nutrients and vitamins so is a good alternative to sugar!

Lucozade Revive

This is chilling in the fridge and I’m waiting for a day when I am utterly exhausted and need a boost! I love Lucozade in general and have got some to take to the hospital during labour to keep me going!

Raspberry Chocalish – Nakd

I loved this, I went for them every time I fancied a snack. They even count towards your 5 a day!

BBQ and Sea salt – Emily Veg Thins

I was excited by these, but sadly I didn’t think they were great. It fell in that ‘I’d rather just have proper crisps if I want crisps or veg if I want veg’ box. I thought they were going to be like tortilla chips but the texture is similar to a thin rice cake.

McVities V.I.Bs

Everyone loves a chocolate digestive. Now, these have added cameral, even better! I would have loved this but biscuit texture gives me acid reflux but my partner ate them all in like two days.

Hazelnut Whip – Fulfil Nutrition

Enjoyed this so much! I love an energy bar that tastes like a chocolate bar and this hit the spot after a workout!

Chocolate & Biscuit Treat Mix – Whitworths

I could not stop eating these once I opened them! I kept putting them away but going back for more. I’m a big chocolate raisin fan anyway and these are just an expansion of that!
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