Four Tips To Promote Your Blog

Promoting your blog is something that you always need to be doing. The internet is big and there’s a lot of people on there on…


Four Tips To Promote Your Blog

Promoting your blog is something that you always need to be doing. The internet is big and there’s a lot of people on there on a daily basis, all fighting for the spotlight. With that being said, there are lots of ways that you can promote your blog and get yourself a little bit closer to having a more reputable and renowned blog site. Here are four tips to promote your blog.

Share It With Family & Friends

Your family and friends are going to be your biggest cheerleaders, and so it’s important to start your promoting with them. Try to share your content via Facebook, for example, where all your friends and family are going to be. You should also think about sharing your content with people you’re with in person by mentioning your blog or what you’ve written recently that might be of interest to those you’re talking to. It’s good to always make a social event, an opportunity to promote yourself as a blogger. It’s true that unless you promote yourself, no one else is going to do it for you. So don’t be shy or feel embarrassed about promoting something you feel proud of. Word of mouth is the best advertising you’re going to get, so be sure to take full advantage.

Outsource Your Advertising

When you’re trying to promote your blog, it’s important to do a certain amount of advertising in the form of both free and paid. It’s worth doing both because you will benefit from doing double the amount, instead of just the one. When it comes to advertising, it’s worth outsourcing it to a company that can handle it all for you under one roof and for a set fee each month or year. By doing this, you save yourself a lot of effort, and you’ll have individuals or a team or have the knowledge to make your money go far when it comes to promoting the blog and your posts. Look at PPC agencies or a local PPC company out there to help.

Focus On The Right Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are forever changing, and there’s something popping up every five minutes. With that being said, it’s worth promoting your blog through these platforms and utilising the ones that are going to help you the most. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and even Pinterest are all worth exploring to see if they can help with your advertising needs. Not every platform is going to work for you, but it’s worth trying them all out if you haven’t already.

Re-Purpose Old Content

Re-purposing your old content is always good to do, especially that content that performed well when you first published it. The tweaks you do to it and any updates to the content will surely be beneficial in getting your content viewed more frequently and thus pushing you up the rankings on Google.

Promoting your blog is a constant job and something you want to always be doing in order to make it a success.

Four Tips To Promote Your Blog


  1. Your logical and experience-based tips sound like very wise and sound advice.
    If I could manage to overcome even a little bit of my reclusive slothfulness and implement some of these I am sure it would help boost my page and video views a lot!
    Your blog and social media growth tips are great
    (and so are your posts with OOTDs and cat photos)!

  2. I love re-purposing my old content, whether that means updating the graphics and images, or adding an update section at the bottom, and then sharing that link with the world – it’s my fave way to share my content 🙂 Tania xx | Tania Michele

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