Degustabox August

Degustabox August

Hello! The August box was all about lunch and food to go. Not that I’m personally going many places while pregnant during coronavirus, but I do appreciate snacks I can quickly grab as I often get hungry IMMEDIATELY and need to eat ASAP or I am doomed. Thanks, pregnancy! Anyway, let’s get on to the food.

Degustabox August

Blueberry & Banana Single Serving

I’ve not tried this yet but blueberry and banana sounds like a banging flavour. I’ve been craving more savoury breakfasts lately but often go on porridge feists – I used to take pouches like these to work as they’re really handy to make up quickly on morning breaks.

Degustabox August

Puds – Swizzels Matlow

I love those 4 traditional British flavours! I think the lemon ones were my favourite. I have fond memories of these now as I opened them as we (er, I mean my partner!) was building the baby’s cot in our nursey and I kept opening them and feeding them to him.

They’re very fun but just wish they had more flavours. How about cheesecake, strawberry roly-poly and trifle?!

Degustabox August

Sunny Mix Up Strawberry and Sultana

These real fruit pieces with no added sugar were such a treat when I wanted a sweet fix but wasn’t actually hungry!

Degustabox August

Chocolate Sea Salt & Peanut Butter Chocolate – RXBAR

I’m really happy I got to try a peanut butter cholate one of these as it’s my favourite combination. A great snack after the gym. I really like any bars like this that have dates in them!

Degustabox August

Cayenne & Rosemary – Boundless

This is another great snack if you want something a bit more savoury. I do love a packet of crisps but sometimes I want something a bit different!

Degustabox August

Salted Caramel flapjack – TREK

Another thing great as a snack, breakfast or after gym re-fuel. Although I loved how they tasted, they did give me acid reflux – I’ve found since being pregnant that acid reflux is triggered by cake-like textures. Not the product’s fault, but my baby’s fault 🙁

Degustabox August

Swisse Me Smoothie

Damm, I love mango at the moment and this was no exception!

Degustabox August

Classico – Cafe Master Iced Coffee

This was just the right amount for me. It was also sweet! I love sweet coffee. I enjoyed this in the garden on a hot day after it had been the fridge for a few days. I’d reach for it again if I saw in a shop!

Degustabox August

Chilli & Honey Cooking Paste – Capsicana

I love Mexican style cooking and I am so using this on chicken and making fajitas! Chipotle-style pastes are my favourite and we buy them often already.

Degustabox August

Cheese, lightly salted, sea salt – Simpleas Snacks

These are okay, but to be honest I’d rather have a packet of quavers. I know there’s quite a big market for crisps made of healthy veg to offer a healthy alternative but I’d always rather just have the real thing when it comes to things like this!

Degustabox August

DrinkMeChai Sachets

I do love Chai tea, I’ve not had it since 2017 when I was in Australia and forgot how tasty it is! I’m sure there was a chocolate version of this at some point!

Degustabox August

Cold Infuse – Twinings

I stuck this in the bottom of a pint glass and drank it. It was okay when it was just a hint but it got quite strong near the bottom and bitter. I’d advise taking it out after a while and not keeping in it!

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