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A watch fit for a bride

Nordgreen isn’t a brand that I’ve heard of before. When I got an email asking if I would like to review a Nordgreen watch, I was expecting another rubbish cheap jewellery shop. I get emails about them a lot, you know like those Chinese ones?

Well, this wasn’t like that. The Nordgreen website looked very clean and professional and the watches looked stunning – so I was happy to accept.

You’ve probably noticed I don’t do a lot of product reviews anymore, this is because I only accept products I really love the look of and will use whereas before I’d review almost anything. I just don’t have the time so I’m really picky with reviews! Apart from probably baby stuff. Send me baby things, please.

The watches are all vegan (vegan leather straps!) and also they have a Giving Back program. You can enter your watches unique code onto the Giving Back page and then pick one of three good causes to give a donation to:

Anyway, on to the watch. I wear an Apple Watch at the moment but had in mind that I might want a watch that would be suitable to wear on my wedding day next year as I won’t have my phone to hand and I’m used to just looking at my wrist to see the time – I don’t want to be wearing a bulky Apple Watch, so I ordered the Infinity watch in rose gold.

The watch came in an elegant box on a felt bed made of recycled plastic – the box is fully recyclable also. It’s got a stainless steel mesh strap and the straps can be changed easily. There is a metal tool with the watch which allows you to adjusted the clip on the watch so make it tighter or looser with just a click. It’s really easy to use.

It’s a simple, elegant watch and I can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day (that is assuming I go with the colour scheme I currently want/that coronavirus doesn’t cause it to be cancelled!).

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  • Rebeca

    Oooh, it is a watch with a very beautiful design, the truth is that I really like the presentation, it looks luxurious and it is good not to accept everything they offer you, then you fill up with things that you will not use.

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