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I really don’t mean to turn this blog into a parenting blog or anything, I just like posting about things that are relevant to my…


I really don’t mean to turn this blog into a parenting blog or anything, I just like posting about things that are relevant to my life. So home posts and baby posts will be on here more often! The overall aim of this blog is to be able to look back and remember things that have happened in my life. Yeah, there are sponsored content and everything else but overall, a big chunk of my life is on this blog and has been for the past 8 years!

I guess this is just moving onto a new chapter. I’ve had lots of life changes over the past year or so. I’ve moved home and become a homeowner, got a new job, got engaged and I’m now pregnant.

During the lockdown, we’ve not been able to go out looking at baby things, so of course, I’ve created a list on Amazon of things I want for the baby. Here are just some of the things I’ve been looking at. You can see the full list here if you’re nosy.


The rucksack is a baby changing bag. It looks pretty decent and compact for wearing on your back rather than a traditional over the shoulder one. It also has attachments for the pram.

A baby changing mat is a must and there are lots of cute ones around. We’re having a jungle theme in the bedroom so this would fit nicely.

The next one along is also a baby changer that fits on to the cot. I’m not having a baby changing station or anything as we’re trying to use some existing furniture in the nursey to save a bit of money and so we don’t have to get rid of decent things to make space. Sadly this means no room for a changing station but this will be a nice alternative.

A Moses basket is a must-have for anyone!

I’ve had a few recommendations of the nightlight that shines stars around the room.

The milestone cards incase I want to use them in blog posts or Instagram posts, duh! And a giraffe towel as giraffes are my absolute favourite and I’ll be imposing this love onto my child also!


  1. Aww! What a lovely selection of things. Being pregnant is exciting but shopping for the baby is such fun!
    I love those milestone cards. My two were years old when they became popular and a thing so we missed out on them. x

  2. Saving this! I absolutely love wish lists like this, it makes it so easy to pick up gifts and treats! I am in LOVE with everything giraffe!! Gonna have to start calling the little one Baby G <3


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