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Pinterest Tips for 2020

Hello, I’m back on that Pinterest train. Choo. Remember back when I was trying to grow my Pinterest and got to 100k monthly views? Well,…


Hello, I’m back on that Pinterest train. Choo.

Remember back when I was trying to grow my Pinterest and got to 100k monthly views?

Well, I kind of got distracted and stopped paying attention and my views slowly dropped to around 19k. I mean, a lot has happened since then. I have moved house, gotten engaged and now I’m having a baby so I’ve not had as much time as I would like to spend on Pinterest.

Last week I decided to re-boot the old tailwind and schedule some pins. I’m now at 24.4k views after 5 days or so. But first, I needed to find out what has changed over the last 18 months! So here are the most up to date Pinterest Tips.

Pin less.

There was a time when it was very much a case of pinning over 100 times a day to get more views. Now, that is seen as spammy and it’s much better to pin between 10 and 25 times a day. When you start pinning over 50 times a day, your exposure can really suffer, so pin less. This means less time spent scheduling 1000’s of pins a month!

Be consistent. 

Pinterest favours consistency – so rather than pinning 20 pins at once then going quiet for days, look at pinning the same amount each day. If you want to increase, then do so slowly! It’s better to pin less frequent but constantly than to binge and leave!

If you are a new blogger, you might only want to pin 2 times a day and then slowly increase as you create more content. Do what works for you, but just keep it steady rather than large fluctuations.

Stay on theme.

Create boards that are within the theme of your brand, this is both for a bit of Pinterest SEO and so your are pinning things that appeal to your audience or customer.

Start sharing other content.

Don’t just share your own pins, share other peoples, too. This is a great way to start growing on Pinterest before you have lots of content to share.

Keep it visual.

As always, Pinterest is a visual platform. So don’t forget to make beautiful graphics to share and remember you can make multiple graphics for the same posts to appeal to different tastes!

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  1. Thanks for these bullet points you gave on this post, i just joined pinterest and thank goodness i ran into this post…

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