Oggs Vegan Cakes

I’ll tell you about a funny store.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I wanted to be a plant-based as possible and stay away from animal products. For the months running up to that, we were eating less meat and were having about 4 vegan meals a week, which is a big improvement from the zero vegan meals we were having prior to that.

I do believe there are so many benefits to eating vegan. Its’s great for your health, better for the environment, cheaper and means animals aren’t exploited.

Sadly, when the morning sickness kicked in all those plans went out of the window because I could no longer stomach vegetables.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve started to make the transition slowly back to an animal free-diet as my nausea lifts. We’ve been having more meat substitutes rather than replacing with vegetables as I’m still a bit off them, but it’s a start.

When I had a chance to try some vegan cakes, I thought it would be a great way to curb my sweet tooth while trying something vegan. I’ve not had vegan cakes before, but my expectation of vegan cake is pretty much the same as my expectation of vegan chocolate or gluten-free bread. Pretty low. I was worried it would be dry and tasteless.

Much to my surprise, these cakes were soft, moisture and full of flavour. They are very rich and one small cake is definitely enough!

Find out my from the Oggs website.

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  • Panty Buns

    Kudos on your endeavours to avoid animal products for your health,
    for the environment, for world hunger and reducing animal cruelty.
    Those Oggs cakes look delicious!
    Sadly, I haven’t found an Oggs on my side of the pond.
    Best wishes the rest of your pregnancy (22 weeks or so?)
    and for having a beautiful healthy baby!

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