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The Powerful Health Benefits of Spending Time Outside

Spending some time outside each day is very important for our health, both mentally and physically. Instead of spending all of your free time in…


Spending some time outside each day is very important for our health, both mentally and physically.
Instead of spending all of your free time in front of the television, try to get out for a bit. You will quickly
realize that the fresh air can help you re-energize yourself and make you feel much better, no matter
the type of day you had. Combine that with a short walk and you will find yourself feeling like new. Here
are some of the most important benefits of spending time outside.

Also, it’s important to remember social distancing rules! Only go out with friends and family if you live with them!

The Powerful Health Benefits of Spending Time Outside

Spending Time With Friends or Family

Take a walk with a dear friend, have some laughs and forget about your troubles for a while. If you have
kids, take them with you when going outside. This can be a great moment for bonding and getting to be
a part of their activities. Bring a ball with you to the park and kick it around, or play some catch. This can
be a great physical activity for all of you. You could get a couple of fishing rods for yourself and your
kids, and spend the day carelessly catching fish. If you are interested in fishing with your children, learn
more here.

Make Your Immune System Stronger

Spending time outside in the fresh air can be a real boost to your immune system, especially if you go
out on colder days. The more time you spend outside, the more your body becomes stronger in many
ways. Make yourself go outside every day, even if it is cold or raining. Spending just a short time outside
will benefit you a lot.

Boost Your Digestion

Being outside usually means that you are active and that goes a long way with helping your digestion
system. Also, by simply walking around your body burns calories. Because of this, it can be very useful to
spend a lot of time outside, especially if you are looking to shed some of the extra weight. The best time
to do this is right after a meal in order to help your body digest the food you just ate more effectively.

Increase Your Concentration Levels

By going frequently outside you help your body increase its levels of oxygen. This is not only beneficial
for physical activities, but also for mental. A short walk in the fresh air will clear your mind, helping you
concentrate more easily. The next time you feel burdened by chores or work that needs to get done, try
taking a short walk first. After you get home, you will become ready to tackle any problems.

Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Spending some time outside can really improve your mood. It has been proven that fresh air, activity
and natural light are all very good with helping with both anxiety and depression. By just being outside,
the serotonin levels in our bodies are increased. This is known as the happiness hormone and it is
directly linked to the levels of oxygen in our body.

Raise Your Vitamin D levels

Vitamin D is very important for many aspects of our health. It strengthens our bones, helps reduce risks
of cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer, and helps with many mental functions. People get
the largest quantity of Vitamin D through exposure to the sun. This is one of the most important reasons
to get out of the house every day. Even if it is a cloudy day outside, our body manages to absorb the
sun’s rays to increase our vitamin D levels.

Become More Creative

You can boost your creativity by just being outside of your house. Researchers have confirmed that
people who spent 4 days in a row outside in nature managed to be 50% more creative on various
creativity tests. Activities that we perform while outside help us get new ideas and see things from
different perspectives. If you are ever in a creative hole, just go outside for a bit and see if inspiration
comes to you after that.

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  1. I’m definitely more creative when I have spent time outside! I think this is why I have found being at home not so difficult!

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