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Quick and Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home on a Budget

The costs for the home renovation can be high, even if you just want to redecorate one room. Do you want to buy a carpet…


The costs for the home renovation can be high, even if you just want to redecorate one room. Do you
want to buy a carpet or maybe install a parquet on the floor? What colours will you choose for your
space? How much does it take to rearrange a room in order to suit your taste? Are you going to buy new
furniture? Don’t forget you also need to make sure it all matches the walls, curtains and new decor. The
idea of ​​buying all this is just too expensive and overwhelming. When you try to do everything with a
limited budget, it seems like an impossible mission, doesn’t it? But there are tons of tricks you can use to make your home looks as new.

Use bought and handmade decorations together

In interior design, the term ‘decor’ usually refers to items in a room that have no specific function other
than to decorate the space. If you are always behind the camera, frame a few of your favourite pictures
and proudly highlight them. If you want to feel like you are in a villa on the sea, collect shells and
decorate your space, where you will feel relaxed and calm. Now, you only need to buy a few well-
selected statement pieces like shown on this link that will tie it all together.

Purchase in Second-hand Stores

If you want to find unique things that will not cost a fortune, try some second-hand stores and garage
sales. Take a detailed and good look at each piece of furniture on offer before buying. Visit the local flea
markets. Or look for ads about used furniture. When buying second-hand items you should examine
each piece separately, and in detail. And you can always give a rusty second-hand mirror a new layer of
paint. That way you will have a unique, useful and decorative piece of furniture in your house that looks
expensive but was truly a bargain.

Reconstruct the Pieces You Already Own

There is no denying that reconstructing old elements and designing them anew can be more exciting
than buying new pieces from the store. With a little paint and free time, it is possible to completely
transform the look of almost any component of your interior. Plus, it will save you money on the
components you are missing.

Do you really need new shelves in the kitchen or can you just give them a new look? Is there a parquet
under the current carpet? Can you redesign your old bedroom by giving it a new coat of paint? Do your
research and take a good look at everything you think you can reconstruct, paint, coat or varnish. Try to
find instructions on how to fix something yourself. It will be fun and you will add personal value to
everything you touch.

Boldly Use Paint for Walls in the Interior

It’s time to introduce you to one of the biggest secrets of energy design, and that is: painting your space.
You can paint your walls yourself with minimal cost. Be sure to choose the colour you like. Paint in small
traces each colour sample on each wall of the room, so you can see which colours suit you. On these
samples that you have painted, check and pay attention to how the colours react to different amounts of
daylight over several days.

Find your design inspiration

Look through magazines and on the Internet to understand what style you want in your interior. Then,
make a plan from the following components – parquet, furniture, paints, accessories and decor. Search
online stores to get a solid idea of ​​how much everything you need will cost. Be sure to consider all the
accompanying costs, as well as hiring a handyman.

When you have the right price, look at your finances. Be realistic about how much you have available to
spend. If that amount doesn’t meet your exact plan prices, try setting aside a certain amount of money
each week until you reach your goal. This may take longer than paying by credit card, but you’ll be
grateful later.

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  1. I agree that changes to refresh your house needn’t be big! I hung a batik artwork of a Giraffe I bought in South Africa a few weeks ago- I just added a twig to the top and hung it on a nail that was there already- it ties in really nicely with the wooden giraffe we have in there- also brought from SA

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