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How To Make Yourself More Desirable Right Now

When you’re an ambitious person, your career is always going to be important to you. However, at certain times, you may feel as if it’s…


how to make yourself more desirable right now

When you’re an ambitious person, your career is always going to be important to you. However, at certain times, you may feel as if it’s hard for you to make it a priority. And right now is definitely one of those times. Because when the world is dealing with such a huge crisis, it can feel a bit odd to try and put yourself out there or want to try and change jobs. Maybe you’re working from home and you’re not happy? Or you’ve been thinking about your career path and you know that now is the time to be making a change? However, if you’re really serious about looking for a new job or making a career change, you’re going to want to make you look more desirable. Here’s how you can do it.

How To Make Yourself More Desirable Right Now

Brush Up On Your Skills

To start with, you may want to think about brushing up on your skills. If you don’t feel like your resume is looking that great, then what else can you add to it? Are there any certifications you can take right now or professional development courses to make you a much stronger candidate?

Create Social Profiles

The next thing that you’re going to want to do here, is make sure that you have the right social profiles in place. Whether you love to use social media or not – it can be so important to make sure that you’re building a personal brand. Even if you just choose one platform to build your profile on, it can help you to get out there in front of recruits or companies that you love and build a name for yourself.

Market Yourself More

From here, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re actually marketing yourself online. It can be something that you may feel a tiny bit more insecure about. Maybe you’re a little self-conscious about putting yourself out there? However, it’s important to understand that online marketing is vital to getting noticed. If you’re reaching out to people and sharing what you can do, you’re doing to be seen a lot more.

Spruce Your Portfolio

Maybe it’s your portfolio that needs a little work? When that’s the case, you may find that you’ll want to try and work on some new projects or create something for yourself to add? If you have the time, then doing something pro bono could be a great way to add more experience.

Network More

The next thing that is going to make this all much more of a success is for you to work on your networking. If you want to get noticed and be headhunted by a company now or when the world goes back to normal, it’s important to network. Make sure that you’re connecting with different managers or the departments you want to work for and hiring managers as well. You’ll find this could be the trick for you getting noticed and getting the job!

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